I would have had a really tough time making it through this week without the help and support of so many of our friends. Without any family here in TX, we have had to rely so much on our friends and neighbors here for help. So many of our sweet friends have watched our kids, made us meals, and sent flowers. Today my friends @rebekahmaines & @mrshanks10 (Instagram) surprised me by bringing over an avocado tree for me! It really brightened my day! Rebekah remembered me talking about this avocado tree a few months ago and how much I wanted one and she and Alana picked it out and brought it over today. It is such a fun gift and it really made me feel special that she remembered that and they were thinking of me. Rebekah was also the one who watched my kids when I was transported by ambulance to the hospital on Tuesday. This has been a tough week, but it has made me so grateful for the wonderful friends we have made this past year since moving to Texas. I think planting and caring for this tree will be really healing. Plus, how cool will it be to have my very own avocado tree?!

I’ve jotted down a few things that have been really helpful for me and will most likely make a post here in the next few days of the top 10 things you can do to help someone who has gone through a miscarriage.  Was there anything you did (like plant a tree or purchase a certain necklace or ring) to help with your healing process?

avocado tree

If you are just stumbling across this post, I wrote quite a bit when I was going through the entire surgery and recovery process.  Here are the posts I wrote in the order they were written starting from the day of my ectopic pregnancy surgery.