Why I Truly Believe Anyone Can Start a Successful Online Business

I’m not that special. I don’t have a degree in marketing or business. I am not even that techy! I’m not really an expert in anything. And yet, I started my own successful online business.

When I first started my online business, I was just a mom with a good idea… I wrote an eBook that catapulted my business. It wasn’t anything completely new or special, but I realized that there were a number of factors making this possible for me. Which is why I truly believe that anyone can do what I’ve done!

Each person has their own voice and experiences that can speak to certain people. Each of us has hobbies and passions that can turn into a product that can help people. And anyone can learn the ins and outs of the online business world. I know that because I’ve done it! 

Everyone Has Their Own Unique Voice

I’ve heard all the doubts in the world when it comes to people thinking they don’t have it in them to start their own business. One of them is that people think they aren’t special. That they aren’t unique enough. That their idea isn’t one of a kind. But one reason I truly believe anyone can start their own successful online business is because everyone has their own unique voice.

Your own unique story will connect with someone. In fact someone out there needs your story in order to feel seen. You may not feel special, or like an expert, or like you have a unique idea… but I promise that you have your own people out there who can relate to your voice, your story, and what you have to offer. There are people out there who will buy from you because they feel seen by you or like they can relate to you!

We All Have Hobbies, Passions, and Talents

Another common thing I hear is the concern that people don’t have anything to sell. That they aren’t an expert in anything, they don’t have any talents, they can’t make anything. But one reason I truly believe that anyone can start a successful online business is because everyone has something about them… a hobby, a passion, or something they are good at, that can become a product. That thing people ask them about, that thing that comes naturally to them and not someone else, that thing that they may not even realize is their thing.

For some it may seem obvious once you sit and think about it. Maybe you are good at coming up with workouts or recipes. Maybe you’re crafty, good at gardening, or an avid backpacker. For others, it may not be as obvious. But even things like being good at book recommendations, coming up with travel tips, or coming up with activities for kids can lead you into a digital product to sell! We all have hobbies, passions, and talents that make it possible. 

Anyone Can Learn How

I have been in the online world for about 10 years now, and I still mess up my Facebook lives all the time! I still get confused with the tech side of things. I’m not techy! I spent years and years making mistakes in my business, and it’s still a learning process. So I know if I can do it, anyone can! It’s truly why I shifted my business from being in a more fitness related space to a more business related space. I really wanted to help people avoid all the costly mistakes I made. I really wanted to help others change their lives like I did for mine. 

My Peak Business Academy was born from this desire to help. We’ve helped thousands of people start their own businesses, so I’ve seen firsthand how anyone can learn how to do this! With the right coaching, the right advice, and the right roadmap, anyone can start a successful online business, and I truly believe that!

I wish so bad I could tell young Natalie that this could really happen. That I could start my own online business and that it would be a success. That her hard work and persistence would pay off. Since I can’t tell her, I’m focusing on telling all of you!

I truly believe anyone can do this… yes, even you!

You have a unique voice that others will relate to, you have something special about you that can become a digital product, and you can learn how to create an online business

The sky’s the limit!

xo Natalie

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