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5 Things You Can Do to Be a Better You

I stood at the edge of the Salmon River in early October, and I felt the feeling I’d been searching for: Peace. The air was cold, the river was loud, and the sun lit up the water like it was showing off just for me. I felt a smile cross my rosey face, which was red from the crisp air. I could almost feel my mood levels rising. My attitude…Read More

How to Use the “Good, Better, Best” Mentality

In a perfect world, I can get my work done, cook healthy meals for my family, and get my house cleaned up every day. However, I hardly ever live in a perfect world. I have work obligations pop up, I forget to put the chicken out to thaw, or my schedule is crazy and I can’t clean my house. Social events happen, my kids have activities, and we are often…Read More

Looking Back, and Looking Forward

When the year comes to a close, it’s natural to look back on that time and what that year was like for you. It’s also natural to look forward to the next year and to imagine what it will have in store! In fact, I think that can be a super helpful practice in terms of self-growth. Even if the last year wasn’t awesome, and even if you aren’t into…Read More

Self-Care Gifts to Give Yourself this Christmas That are Free

Sometimes the best gift you can give is the gift of grace. This is true for others, but it’s also true for yourself. Often what I really need isn’t something I can buy at the store, it’s something I have to implement myself. For me, that may be a trip to my garden (in the springtime), a few days alone in the mountains, some written affirmations, or a walk around…Read More

What I Learned in My Second 21-Day Challenge!

For the last 21 days, when I got ready to do a live video for my 21-Day Challenge, I almost never did my hair or did my best on my makeup. I spent hours preparing for what I was going to teach that day, and at the end of it I wasn’t interested in taking extra time for hair and makeup. Sometimes I literally did my teach via live video…Read More