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Why I’ll Never Use Shame as a Tool for Motivation

My entire business started because my body wasn’t what it used to be after I had my kids. I had a hard time with the changes that my body experienced, and often had trouble looking at myself in the mirror as a result. Through the work I put in to make my body something I loved again, I also had to undergo a lot of changes in my mind. Those…Read More

Hurt People Hurt People

I used to have a business called Dollar Workout Club, and my business partners and I would meet up every now and again for a few weeks and record workout videos for the business. It was a lot of work, but we made it fun. Years ago, I was at one of these recording sessions while my kids stayed with family. We’d record Snapchat videos and share our process on…Read More

Tips for Successful Coparenting After Divorce

I brought in one of my best friends, Rikki Garlick, to talk about co-parenting after divorce. She’s the one I did the narcissist podcast with and we have gone through divorce and we both have kids. We both co-parent. For that reason, we get a lot of questions from you guys asking how to get along with your ex better, how to co-parent, or what the process looks like if…Read More

What I Learned by Running a Marathon Without Training

The other day, my little brother Luke came over and basically convinced me to run an impromptu marathon. Now, I used to be a really competitive runner, but my focus has not been on running these past few years. I’ve done nine marathons and over 30 half marathons in my life, but the idea of running a full marathon with no training seemed crazy. But somehow, my 20-year-old little brother…Read More

All the Ways that I Felt Thankful This Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, I went out to my step-dad’s house and caught some fish. We gave him some gifts, spent time together, and enjoyed a nice day in the Idaho summer. However, I also called my real dad and said happy Father’s Day, and I helped my kids pick out a gift to give to their dad. This holiday can be hard for a lot of people, so this year…Read More