Why Give Out Free Content?

It might seem silly to give something away that takes so much effort and capital to create. It seems silly, but there’s a method to the madness! Free content is a great tool for business.

I give away like 90% of my content for free. We have free content on Pinterest, free blog posts, a free Podcast, free content to our email list, free YouTube videos, free free free! I only have a handful of paid products right now. I have a bunch of eBooks, a membership site, a business course, and a few miscellaneous things. 

So, why give away free content? It has a lot to do with bringing more people into your world, making them believe in themselves, and establishing trust. 

Get Them Into Your World

People like free stuff. They just do! Who doesn’t like free stuff?? Offering free content will bring more people into your world if there’s no wall in front of them to enter. People can’t buy your paid products if they don’t know about them, and free things bring them into your world to see the paid stuff. People may scroll through Pinterest, TikTok, or Instagram, etc., and be drawn to the information you’re giving out for free. Which brings them into your world, which increases your likelihood of them becoming a customer. 

Make Them Believe

Free content should make them believe in themselves! Give them a product that makes them believe they can complete something. If your niche is fitness, maybe offer a free Podcast with body image advice. Maybe offer a free print out with advice on perfecting their form. Maybe what you offer is a free 7-day push-up challenge. If it’s useful, and it really helps them see a change in themselves, it’ll help them see the value of your next thing, which is often a paid product. 

Broaden Your Pool

The truth is that not everyone can afford to buy your product right now. Offering something that is free will broaden your pool of people, bringing more people into your world, providing you with more people who may become customers in the future. If they like your brand and see it as an investment in themselves, they are more likely to purchase something from you when they have the means. And if not, you’re still helping more people!

Establish Trust 

Your free content should establish trust. It should show people that your intentions are pure, that your story is relatable, that your product is worth it, and that you are the real deal! You don’t have to give away the farm in your free stuff, but you can still offer free information that’s valuable. I tend to show the “what” in my free stuff, and the “how” in my paid stuff. However, that’s not always the case. For example, I had a 21-Day Challenge that focused on mindset. If someone read all my blog posts, they’d find almost all that content for free! But having it in a digestible format like a challenge makes it easier for some people. Either way, your free stuff should prove to people they can trust you. 

Free content is such a valuable tool in business. It’ll bring more people into your world, make them believe in themselves, broaden your pool of potential customers, and establish trust with them. 

What’s your favorite kind of free content? Pins, podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos? There are so many great free options to choose from!

xo Natalie ❤️

P.S. I have my own FREE content in the form of a 5-Day Challenge coming soon! Click HERE to learn more about it!

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