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Listening, Learning, and Being Willing to Say the Wrong Thing

Last week I came home from a weekend camping trip that left me feeling amazing. We unplugged, had zero cell service, and took time to get back to a few of the things I love most: family and nature. Little did I know, the real world was feeling less than amazing — to put it lightly. I came home and posted all of my photos from the weekend. I smiled…Read More

Tips for NOT Blowing Your Diet When Traveling

I recently had a trip to Vegas and then New York, and I wanted to write a blog post about how to stay on track with your nutrition when you’re traveling. I wanted to share this because there were some things I did really well and there were some things I didn’t. This is one of the situations that helped to prompt my 21-day challenge, which is going on right…Read More

Why You Should Take the Adventurous Route

This weekend my good friend Rikki and I took our kids on an adventure to see a secret waterfall in the middle of the desert. It’s an area called Jump Creek, and you drive past a bunch of corn fields, park at a trail head, hike through a trail, and you end up at an amazing waterfall. Not only was it a fun experience for us, it was a great…Read More

What I Learned by Running a Marathon Without Training

The other day, my little brother Luke came over and basically convinced me to run an impromptu marathon. Now, I used to be a really competitive runner, but my focus has not been on running these past few years. I’ve done nine marathons and over 30 half marathons in my life, but the idea of running a full marathon with no training seemed crazy. But somehow, my 20-year-old little brother…Read More

Identity, Nutrition, and How to Stop Always Wanting to “Lose Those Last Five Pounds”

One of the things common things I hear from the people I work with, my girlfriends, and just people in general is, “I would be happy with myself if I could just lose these last five pounds or 10 pounds or 15 pounds.” It’s so rare that I hear somebody who says, “I’m actually really comfortable with where I’m at right now.” Because this is something that is so common,…Read More