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Tired of feeling lost when it comes to your business?

I’ve been where you’ve been!

I have the tools you need to find your way.

Each of my courses were created to help people just like you who are looking for the framework to create a successful business. A business that takes your passions and superpowers and turns them into products that can help others.

My journey wasn’t an easy one, but I made a ton of mistakes so you don’t have to

My experience in online business had ups, downs, and plateaus. Some points were really fast, others went backward. Some skyrocketed, others plummeted.

Though some people may say the hard points were failures, I say they were data.

Each course of mine was born through learning what you should do in an online business, and what you shouldn’t do. What I’ve learned is that your business shouldn’t just be something you do, it should also be who you are.

My courses will teach you how to start and grow your business in a way that is true to yourself.

Find a Course Right For your online business

The Logbook Writing Course

Fast Path is a LIVE 4-week intensive course designed to get a product created and online FAST. Fast Path is a companion course offered with Peak a few times a year. While Peak Business Academy is self-paced, Fast Path offers more accountability and live training so you’re not stuck wondering how to create a product and get it online.

21-Day ‘Find Your Compass’ Challenge

My 21-day challenge is all about tackling the mindset blocks that may be hindering your ability to accomplish your goals. Learn how to get unstuck and re-write your story, even if you feel overwhelmed or strapped for time. This mindset challenge will help!

“Natalie and her team are SO knowledgeable. I needed someone to take me by the hand so I could learn what my next steps needed to be in order to grow my business. That’s exactly what they did.”

-Emily Ruffino

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Mompreneur Tips
and Tricks

Working from home when you have children can be really hard.

Here are my favorite ways to get work done as a “mompreneur”.

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