Hey, friends!

I’m Natalie Hodson

Online business coach with a focus
on digital products

Ten years ago I started out in the online world in the fitness space. I started blogging, sharing at-home exercises, and offering easy recipes. This turned into writing eBooks — one of which blew up in a way I could never imagine! 

In just a few short months, that eBook made over a million dollars. It took countless nights writing with a toddler on my lap, but in the end, all that hard work paid off!

It takes more than just Hard Work

I read every marketing book I could find, I took courses on business, and researched online marketing with every free minute I had — which, admittedly, wasn’t much as a newly single mom with two kids at home. But my passion quickly shifted from the fitness space to the business space as I saw my business advice impacting person after person. Especially those just like me, who had a dream and wanted to make it happen with a toddler on their lap.

My business became a place to teach others the techniques, lessons, and knowhow I had acquired through my own business journey. I now use my successes (as well as my failures) to help teach others how to find the thing they can offer the world in order to feel strong, fulfilled, and independent.

make an impact

Do you have that feeling inside you, like you were born to make an impact?

Then you are one of my people! It’s less about having a product done already, or knowing how to start a business, or gaining traffic — I can teach you ALL of that! But what I can’t teach is the drive. The willingness to take a risk and start something new in order to feel fulfilled, help others, and build the life you’ve dreamed of.
I’m not an online business coach who started out in the business world. I was just a history major! I didn’t have financial backing or all the answers. But I was a mom with a dream who had the grit needed to succeed. So if you can relate to my story, know that you can do this too. I’m proof of that. If you want to create your own digital product and build your own online business, I can help you.

I can help you because I’ve been where you’ve been.

Social Squares
“The encouragement I didn’t know I needed”

I’ve tried other “start your own business” programs but was paralyzed by overwhelm. Going through Base camp helped me realize that every step is a win. By putting one foot in front of the other I was able to get the basics down.”


Just get ready for some dorkiness...

I’ve been known to accidentally film with food in my teeth. Or to say an analogy that doesn’t make sense (my family calls them “Nat-alogies”). Or to slip and fall, because even though most of my free time is spent outside or in the mountains, I’m not graceful on my feet. My business knowhow is solid, but my personality is dorky. You’ve been warned!

Here’s the team!

Currently, “Natalie Hodson” is more than just me, it’s me and a whole team working hard to create products, coach students, and offer support for thousands of people who want to start or grow their own online business selling digital products. People who want to make an impact and feel fulfilled in what they could offer the world — just like I did.


Social Media Manager

Location: Kuna, Idaho. Originally from Sandy, Utah.

What my day looks like: Checking and replying to social media comments and messages. Creating and posting content for Pinterest.

A weird fact about me: I’m a fraternal twin



Location: Idaho now, Montana originally

What my day looks like: Lots of typing! I’m usually writing emails, blog posts, social media captions, and various copy for all of our business needs. Oh and also drinking coffee while running after a toddler.

Three things I could do forever: Read, write, and drink dark beers


Operations Manager

Location: Colorado to Ohio to Idaho

What my day looks like: Every day is a little different, and that is what I love about my role. Some days may include Zoom meetings, lots of Slack messages, running meetings, planning launches, making sure team members have what they need, pulling stats, and running numbers. One consistent part of each day is being a Mom taxi and restarting the washer full of clothes from the day before!

Three things I can do forever: Travel the world, be in the great outdoors with my family, and read.


Customer Service Specialist

Location: Idaho, born in New Jersey

What my day looks like: Answering all of the questions and responding to emails! I handle accounts and billing between two of our main email accounts. You can also find me doing design on the back end for the business as well.

My enneagram number is: Type 1, I have yet to meet another type 1!.


Executive Assistant​

Location: Idaho

What my day looks like: Coffee, wrangling kids, more coffee, and then getting to work on the various odds and ends and day to day details of the business. No day is alike- there is always something different and new that pops up to take care of and I enjoy the variety of tasks.

My ideal Friday night: I’m envisioning a nice 82 degree evening, meeting friends for an outdoor happy hour- drinks and apps. Then going home and having dinner with the family, taking a walk, and heading to the backyard to watch the kids play. Maybe enjoying a glass of wine and reading a book or magazine and scrolling through social media.


Pro Coach

Location: Montana

What my day looks like: Getting kids to school and then enjoying a hot cup of coffee while sitting down to work on our learning content and development, business coaching and generally cheering people on from the virtual sidelines. Afternoons are crazy with running kids to sports, coaching teams and taking care of dogs.

My enneagram number is: 2

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I want to share my favorites and the things that help me the most with my business and personal life!

Ready to get started?

I can’t wait to work with you! We have a variety of different products and courses to help you on your online business journey. Whether you’re looking for a beginners course, my signature course, templates, or free trainings, I have something for you.

Just remember, all you need is the drive. I can teach you the rest.

So what’s next?

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Mompreneur Tips
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Working from home when you have children can be really hard.

Here are my favorite ways to get work done as a “mompreneur”.

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