How to find your Superpower and start your own online business 

Do you have that feeling inside of you like you were meant for more? Do you feel like there’s something special inside of you, but you just don’t know what that is yet?

Can you change your niche?

Can you change your niche? You absolutely can. I’m proof of that. But let’s get into the why and the how.

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Mompreneur Tips
and Tricks

Working from home when you have children can be really hard.

Here are my favorite ways to get work done as a “mompreneur”.

MEET Natalie

hi friends!

I’m Natalie Hodson

Let’s get to know each other

I’m a bad joke-teller, a business owner, and a mom. I’m good at connecting to people. In fact, that’s my superpower! I started in the online world in the fitness space, but I found that my true calling was helping other people follow their dreams in business. 

And to feel empowered enough to conquer their goals. As a result, I’ve built my business around teaching people how to start an online business in much the same way I did — through authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability.


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