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Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor

Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor

16388390_1204889526255433_3028903131942388546_nSo, this is something that is really embarrassing for me to talk about....but I know if I was struggling with it there are other women out there too just like I was. I had major incontinence issues after my kids were born. Any time I would do a high impact activity such as a workout that included a lot of jumping, or even coughing too hard, I would accidentally pee my pants a little (really embarrassing to write that out). The sad thing is, I thought this was totally normal! Many of my mom friends had the same issue, so I assumed that it was just something I had to accept post childbirth. I had basically accepted that I was going to have to wear a maxi pad any time I wanted to do sprints or jumping jacks. It was so bad, that I even completely peed my pants on camera one time while I was filming a workout for Dollar Workout Club. I made light of the situation and laughed about it afterwards, but deep down I was so embarrassed! It wasn’t until I learned these exercises from Dr. Monique Middlekauff (Exercise and Movement Science) that it improved and got better. I don't have issues with accidental leaks anymore, and that is exactly why I decided to partner with her to make this program because I know how many women are just like I was. Pelvic floor strength training decreases symptoms of incontinence in 83% of women! We are releasing the program in just three days on my website and I can't wait! I think this program is going to help so many women, and I've never been more proud of any other ebook I've ever put out. I can't wait! 3 more days!


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  1. Oh my goodness, Natalie. I love everything about this post. I’ve followed you for the last few years since first finding you on Facebook with your video about loose skin after pregnancy. That was when we lived in Florida and I had just had baby #2. Now we’re in Pocatello (I was in Boise the other day at Trader Joes and thought of you, haha), and after having baby #3, I’m back looking at your blog for inspiration for tightening my poor tummy. I love your blog, and I love this post SO much because it truly represents who you are. Honest and upfront for the sake of uplifting other mamas everywhere, even if it means allowing the blog world to see your embarrassing moments. You rock, lady. I’m grateful to have found your blog; it makes me laugh, feel inspired, and occasionally do fist pumps (you know, like “Yes!! Me too!” fist pump!). God bless.


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