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The Fear Of “Getting Started” Postpartum

I wanted to talk to you about something that we have all struggled with. The fear and intimidation of getting started after having a baby. I remember after I had my daughter, I wanted to go for a run, and I kept falling. My joints and ligaments were still really lose from having a baby. I tried doing just one push-up and my arms, and core were so weak that I couldn’t do it. I…Read More

Planks, Diastasis Recti and The Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor Program

Are planks okay to do while on the Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor Program? First, if you are experiencing core dysfunction, we always want to look for a diastasis present, and we have videos on YouTube of how you can do a self check.Dr. Monique Middlekaff and I really want to stress that we never want to take the place of meeting with your healthcare provider, that’s an extremely important. It’s never…Read More

Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast

This open faced sandwich combines avocado, smoked salmon, and an egg. Directions Fry your egg on a pan until it’s well cooked through. Toast your slice of Ezekiel bread and then mash the ½ avocado on the toast. Then add your egg on top of that and then layer the salmon on top! Enjoy! Ingredients 2 oz. smoked salmon ½ avocado 1 fried egg 1 slice toasted Ezekiel bread Nutritional…Read More

How To Avoid Feeling Guilty For Working Out

I get asked how do I avoid feeling guilty for working out? After being at work all day, getting home and cooking dinner, giving the kids a bath and putting them to bed. Where in that time do I find time to workout? And how do I avoid not feeling guilty for taking time for myself? Self-care is important, especially as women we tend to say yes to everyone else, and at the…Read More

Is It Too Late To Treat My Diastasis Recti?

Hi, it’s Natalie here. I am here with my good friend, and co- author of our book Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor, and we are answering some of our most asked questions.   Without going too much into my story, just so you guys know, after I had my babies, I had two ten pound babies. You guys have seen the pictures, I’m way out there. And after I had…Read More