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The Mountains Are My Peace

I love hearing the crunch beneath my boots when I’m in the mountains. The air always feels more crisp instead of stagnant. Everything smells like dirt. I feel small in the most nurturing way. Being in the outdoors allows me to refresh my brain and feel grounded again when everything else feels overwhelming and chaotic. (Even when I’m getting lost or tripping over my own two feet!) There’s just nothing…Read More

The Secret To Balancing Social Events and Weight Loss

In October, my little (big) brother got married and I was asked to basically bring a truck full of alcohol for the festivities. I gladly obliged. I LOVE weddings! I love that every bride is absolutely beautiful. I love getting dressed up, and this wedding was particularly special to me because I sort of acted as their cupid when I introduced the two of them. However, events like weddings can…Read More

Your Body Doesn’t Define Your Happiness

I’m going to be real right now, I’m heavier now than I have been in the past. This has been pretty difficult for me being in the fitness space for so long, but this is real life. And in real life, things are not always balanced. In fact, I talk about life’s lack of balance a lot. This is one example of my life being in a place where not…Read More

What We Admire in Others, We Dislike in Ourselves

We tend to be a lot harder on ourselves than we are on others. If a friend told you they were feeling bad about themselves, you’d do everything you could to help pick them up. You’d never tell them they were useless, or that they were a failure. If we wouldn’t say those things to them, then why would we say those things to ourselves? How we view ourselves is…Read More

How To Cope With a Family Member Who Has Hurt You

  I was in seventh grade when I found out my mom was going to prison for the first time. I got called down to the principal’s office thinking I’d done something wrong, but it was my mom who had done something wrong. That thought process is a pretty good example of my relationship with her and the trauma I still deal with as a result. I still remember how…Read More