You Have More Choices Than You Realize

I sort of feel like I’ve been scrambling for months and months. I’ve been restless, pulled in a lot of directions, and giving my all to nothing in particular. I guess when you have too many things to do in a short amount of time, it’s less about how it’s done and more about getting it off of your plate. I felt like I had no control over my choices in how I spent my days. I just had to go, go, go.

One of the things I truly believe is that you should just do what you can even if it isn’t perfect! You can fix it later, but just doing it can create momentum. But something else I’m realizing is that it’s important to focus on what’s essential. And, believe it or not, you have more choices in what’s important than you realize!

It’s good to question everything, and to realize how important certain tasks can be that don’t feel as productive as others. It may feel more productive to do something, but taking time for thought can be even more valuable. The beauty is that you get to make those choices. 

Question Everything

When I find myself so flooded with tasks that I consider running away from all of them (a thing I’ve done a lot in that past that I’m working on!), I start to think about which of those tasks are actually essential. Once I decide that, I can choose which ones to give my time to that will make the biggest impact. 

We are so used to how things are done, or how we are used to doing things, that it can be hard to question them. It’s second nature to fall into a routine that we are familiar with. However, I’ve found it so liberating to question how I’ve been doing things so that I have more choice. If you’re like me and often feel suffocated by what you’re “supposed to do,” this realization can be huge!

I do have a choice in how I spend my time. If it’s not essential for me to do, I don’t need to do it. I don’t need to blindly accept a task. I will question how important it is before choosing to do it. 

Schedule Time for Thought

This idea sometimes feels so ridiculous to me! I have a million things to do, I absolutely cannot schedule time to think! But the truth is that when I’m overloaded with tasks, I just don’t have time to think, to be creative, to brainstorm, or to shape big ideas. I do actually need time to be inspired, to connect with others, and to expand my knowledge. If I don’t, my sense of self and my business will suffer. 

The beauty is that through questioning which tasks are truly important in my life, I have opened up more time for something a little less concrete. It feels more productive to make the product, write the email, do the project, etc. But it’s just as important (if not, more important) to do the things that are less tangible. If you schedule the time for it as if it’s something tangible, you might actually do it. And you might actually do it guilt free instead of thinking of all the things you should be doing instead!

If you’re feeling flooded, just remember you do have a choice. You have more choices than you realize. Question everything, schedule time for thought, and take back some control over your days!

I’ll be working on taking my own advice! ????

What do you do when you feel overloaded with tasks?

xo Natalie ????

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