5 Types of Writing to Create a Successful Online Business

I usually get one of two responses when we talk about the writing that it takes to run a successful online business. First, the people who are excited about the writing process. Or second, the people who dread this portion of the process. Whether you’re the first or second type of person, don’t worry! There are ways to write for your business that will work for you.

There are five main types of writing you should be doing in some capacity to create a successful online business. How you do that, and how often is up to you. But I want to dive into each type and how you can use it to create products, get sales, and maintain a brand.

Writing a Product

I focus a lot on writing eBooks, but that’s because those are some of my very first most successful products. The truth is that you can create a ton of different products that aren’t eBooks. But if you love writing, an eBook can be the perfect product for you. You can also create challenges, courses, or membership sites. Each one may still take a bit of writing to create, but not as polished as the writing an eBook may require. Whichever way you choose to go, writing is a great tool for creating your product to sell.

Writing a Sales Page

Your sales page is an incredibly valuable marketing tool that you can use to speak directly to your customer. I do this with ClickFunnels, but you can also use other types of hosting services to sell your product. Your sales page can speak to each person’s desires and fears. You can respond to the reasons they may not want to buy and debunk those reasons. You can speak to their emotional side and their logical side when it comes to purchasing. Your sales page is a great place to talk directly to your avatar, or dream customer, and tell them why they need your product.

Writing a Blog Post

A blog post is a great place to offer free content to your customers. You can use the content in a blog post to repurpose for an email or social media post. You can use a blog post to answer frequently asked questions, and send people to that blog post when they ask. One amazing tip for Pinterest users is to send pins to blog posts, because Pinterest doesn’t like it when you send pins to sales pages. For those that don’t like writing, this type of writing can be used minimally, but for the people who love it, it’s a great tool for content creation.

Writing an Email

Emails aren’t the most exciting parts of owning a business, but they are important and effective. The great thing about your email list is that those are people you’ve already gotten into your world. They are already familiar with you, and now you can write to them to offer more content, to help them in some way, and to sell to them in a way that feels personal. The trick with email writing is to write to them like they are your friend, and to create a consistent system on when to write that works for you. 

Writing a Social Media Post

So many people (myself included) get stuck on writing social media posts and captions that feel authentic and genuine. However, social media can be a great tool for staying connected with your audience. For some, social media can feel like a chore. But with a few tips, a content calendar, and consistent posting, you can write social media posts that resonate with your audience and don’t feel like a chore to write. 

This might feel like a lot, or maybe it sounds exciting, but my biggest tip for those hoping to use writing to create a successful business is to just start writing! Just put words on paper or text on a page. Don’t overthink it, you can always edit later. But you can’t move forward if you don’t decide to start!

You can write notes for a 5 day challenge. You can write a quick description on a Shopify sales page. You can write a 300 word blog post (this one is about 800). You can write a quick “just checking in” email to your list. You can write a “get to know me” social media post. All of those things are quick, but will help you use writing to make your business successful. 

You’ve got this!

xo Natalie 

P.S. If you want to learn more about writing for your business, I have a course called the Writing Backpack where we dive DEEP into each of these different types of writing. For your business. Plus modules on mindset, audience, and more! Learn more about it HERE!

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