Members of get access to the Wednesday Workout video plus two additional workouts for the week.

Workout Wednesday!

Each week I will be sharing with you guys a free workout that you can do at home with minimal equipment. Members of will get access to two additional workouts. You can rotate these workouts throughout the week until next Wednesday when you get all new workouts.

Remember, everyone has to have a starting point.  Is today going to be yours?


PS – the video is sped up to fit on Instagram, so when you do the exercise go slower than you see here.
October 28 Wednesday Workout (Abs):
Stability Ball Jacknife: 15 reps
Alternating Toe Touches: 15 reps (each side)
Flutter Kicks: 15 reps (each side)

For an extra challenge, rest 1 minute after the flutter kicks and repeat one or two times!  You could even do each set during a different commercial break at night watching your favorite show.

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Member Workout 1: The Big 10
10 pushups / 10 situps
9 pushups / 9 situps
8 pushups / 8 situps
7 pushups / 7 situps
6 pushups / 6 situps
5 pushups / 5 situps
4 pushups / 4 situps
3 pushups / 3 situps
2 pushups / 2 situps
1 pushup / 1 situp
10 pushups / 10 situps
*the last ten will really burn.  You can modify by doing pushups on knees if needed*

Member Workout 2: Commercial Break Workout
*While watching your favorite show at night *ahem Scandel cough*, do this “dirty dozen” during each commercial break!  It will be tough but hopefully you will get an awesome workout in without feeling too fatigued because of the break you get while watching the show.  12 exercises, 12 reps.  Leave a comment and let us know how many sets you were able to do!  AKA, how many commercial breaks your show had 🙂

12 Lunges
12 Crunches
12 Squat Jumps
12 Pushups
12 Jumping Jacks
12 Frog Jumps (long jumps)
12 Split Squat Jumps
12 Knee to Elbow Planks
12 Tricep Dips
12 Bicycles (per side)
12 Reverse Lunges
12 Air Squats


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