Every now and again I find myself in a rut. Everything is the same, and nothing is new. It tends to be when I’m really busy, and I settle into a comfortable routine. I do the same workouts, cook the same meals, wear the same clothes, and go to the same restaurants. There’s a comfort in sticking with the familiar, and there’s definitely a time and place for doing what comes the most natural. However, there’s something to be said for doing something new.

It doesn’t even have to be anything big. Ordering something new off of a familiar menu, driving a different route, or cooking something you’ve never made are all small ways to do something new that can add a little something extra to your day. Why do something new when you feel so comfortable in a routine? New things can create new experiences, add variation, and cause growth. 

New Experiences

Some of the most memorable and amazing experiences I’ve had were when I decided to do something new. Backpacking by myself, snowshoeing, swing dancing lessons, and even starting my business were all brand new to me. I had no idea what I was doing, I made a ton of mistakes, but each experience was fun and memorable. These new experiences helped me to learn, and gave me the confidence to keep doing new things. Even the small stuff can add a little excitement to an otherwise regular day, and can help keep us on our toes. There’s a time for routine, but there’s a time for new experiences as well.

Adding Variation

I feel comfort in doing what I’m used to, but I also tend to feel bored and underwhelmed when I don’t add any variation to my daily tasks. Doing something new today can help add variation, which can help with feeling stagnant and uninspired. Make a conscious effort to add variation somewhere in your day today. Do your chores out of order, get coffee at a different coffee shop, or read instead of watching television after work. Take the dog on a different route when you go on a walk, or allow your kids to choose what’s for dinner tonight. Variation doesn’t have to be a big change, but any small variable can help with feeling stagnant. 

Continued Growth

There are times when I do something new and it ends up being hard. Things go wrong or I realize the new thing I tried is not for me. That may seem like a loss, but it’s really a win. Doing hard things creates growth. Failing, getting back up, and moving forward creates grit and tenacity. When I try something new and it goes well, it gives me the confidence to try again. No matter the outcome, trying new things creates growth in one way or another! Whether you’re trying a new recipe, doing a different workout, or hiking a trail for the first time, you’re creating growth in yourself that you can only get by trying something new.

I’ve definitely had months where I stuck with a routine and did what was comfortable. Sometimes I need to stick with what is simple when my life gets crazy. But I can always feel when I need to get out and try something new.

If you’re feeling underwhelmed, uninspired, or stuck in a rut, try something new. It might just provide the new experience, variation, and growth you need!

Tell me about the last time you decided to try something new!

xo Natalie