It’s a morning walk in my garden. It’s climbing into bed with newly cleaned sheets. It’s cleaning my kitchen before bed. It’s putting on a pair of pretty earrings. It’s a workout while listening to a podcast. It’s spending the day outside. It’s having a really good brainstorming session. It’s a new whiteboard marker.

Those are all little things that fill my cup.

I have plenty of big things that fill my cup. Seeing my kids learn and grow, making a breakthrough with someone learning to start their own business, going on an adventure I’ve never been on before, laughing with my family. But those small, daily splashes into my cup have power. While they may be small, they add up, so I think it’s important to find small ways to fill your cup each day.

What fills your cup?

Think about it seriously. Make a list in your phone, on a whiteboard, or on a scrap of paper. Write the big things and the little things, anything that comes to mind, don’t put any parameters on it, just write what you’re thinking. Nothing is too small or too silly. Maybe you love a good spreadsheet, or folding your clothes, or hitting the start button on the washing machine after finally finishing the dishes. Think of those things that just make you feel inspired, or relaxed, or refreshed.

I do plenty of things all day long that empty my cup. We all do. Those things aren’t bad, they’re a part of life… they’re just more draining. Working, parenting, doing chores, running errands, etc. are all things that aren’t necessarily miserable, they just take hard work and motivation to complete. And so, the things that fill your cup make it easier to keep going each day.

How can you fill your cup intentionally?

Now that you know what fills your cup, work on implementing them in your daily life. Don’t wait for them to happen, make them happen. Use them as a tool when you’re feeling especially drained or stressed. Intention is something that seems so easy or obvious, but how many of us really intentionally work to fill our cup each day? I have plenty of days where I don’t even though I know I should.

Make a plan. Tell yourself you’re going to take a break each day to fill your cup. As the saying goes, “You can’t fill from an empty cup,” and that’s important to remember when you start to think you don’t need to work to fill your days with the little moments that fill you. You can give more to your work, your hobbies, your family, and yourself when you’re full.

What are the little things that fill your cup?

xo Natalie ♥️

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