So last week, I made a challenge for myself to do a 10k a day for 10 days.

Why did I do that?

I’m kind of wondering that myself right now lol….but sometimes I just like to give myself weird challenges like this.

They help me build internal confidence with myself when I can say I’m going to do something and then I actually do it.

But on Day 6, I woke up really questioning whether I could get six miles in our not.

My legs were super tired, and I just felt kind of blah.

So I told myself….”Hey Natalie, why don’t you listen to your body and just go for a 6 mile walk/hike instead of pushing yourself too hard with a run.”

And so that’s what I did, and it was awesome! I saw some gorgeous wildflowers, hiked right next to a creek, and saw some beautiful mountain views (although I was paranoid about rattlesnakes 😲).

But my point here is that a few years ago…..when I was wrapped up in the all or nothing mentality….I would have probably considered this a failure.

In fact, the hike probably wouldn’t have happened at all. In my mind, if I couldn’t be ‘hardcore’ and run super fast, then would have been was the point at all? 🤦

How many times do we do this to ourselves?”

“If I can’t have perfect meal prep then screw it I just won’t meal prep at all and wait until next week.”

“If I can’t get my entire 40 minute gym workout then I just won’t do any at home exercises at all.”

“If I didn’t stick to my budget is this week, then…. whatever…. I’m just going to kind of ignore my savings goals this month and restart next month.”

“I forgot to call my friend on her birthday, and now I feel like a jerk and don’t know how to say sorry so I’m just going to not call at all….”

An all-or-nothing mentality might work for a while, but then it usually fails in the long run.

The key to long term success in anything…, finances, business, relationships…..

is to remember that perfection is a myth and the best way to see success is to show yourself grace while following a solid plan.

Much easier said than done, I know.

I’m still working on it.

You have the right to show yourself some grace, you are worthy of that, and it’s ok to forgive yourself when you slow down or make mistakes.

Even if you can’t go hardcore today….I encourage you to do a little something that you weren’t planning on doing. Take a walk to the stop sign at the end of the road. Add one vegetable at dinner. Cut out that glass of wine tonight.

It’s a combination of all the small decision we make each day that make a big difference in the end.

Your friend,


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