What to Know About Human Sex Trafficking and Why it’s Important to Me

The other day I posted an Instagram story about human sex trafficking, and I got a lot of questions from my followers about it. So, I decided to make a blog post about this issue and why it’s important to me.

My mentor, Russell Brunson, was ultimately the first person who told me about children being sold into sex trafficking. He has a lot more to do with being involved in this issue than I am, but something about it struck a chord with me.

It’s not really about being a mother, or having young children, as much as it is about being a human. However, I won’t lie and say my kids didn’t have a part in why this issue is important to me. In truth, it should be important to everyone, and I thought it was important to spread the word and share some awareness on the issue.

Troubling Statistics

Sex trafficking is just one subsection of human trafficking and is a process that is happening across the world where humans are being traded for the purpose of sex slavery or exploitation. Though they are also being trafficked for labor, or even organ harvesting. It’s one of the biggest criminal businesses in the world. One common misconception about human trafficking is that it involves transporting people across borders to be sold, but in truth it’s also an issue that leaves many in the U.S. selling sex as prostitutes or hidden as escort services. Traffickers may be known or unknown to the victims, but they are controlled by means of threats, intimidation, brainwashing, manipulation, and survival. Victims are recruited by family, on social media, or by other manipulative means.

  • 42% of trafficked children are recruited by their family
  • 80% of human trafficking victims are involved in sex trafficking  
  • 25% of the victims of human trafficking are children
  • An estimated 1 in 7 reported runaways in the U.S. likely became victims of sex trafficking

About Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is a nonprofit organization that is built around saving children from human trafficking and human sex trafficking situations while also prosecuting traffickers. They are also committed to the aftercare needed to help survivors heal from their experience. A documentary was made, and Russell Brunson was an executive producer on the film, and donated a lot of money to aid O.U.R. in helping children. The documentary was created in order to spread awareness about the issue, and to help end human trafficking for so many victims.

How You Can Help

Like many causes, there are so many ways to help! For one, you can go to www.ourrescue.org to learn more about O.U.R. and their cause. This is a hard topic for many people, especially parents out there, but knowledge is power. You can also check out their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages for more information and to get educated on the issue. Once you know more, you can help by:


  • Being aware: Know the signs and keep your loved ones safe. With your knowledge, you can gain an understanding of how victims are recruited, and how to create a safe environment for your children and others in your community.
  • Spreading the word: If you’re like me, you may not have known about this issue until now. Help the cause by spreading the word. Share this blog post, share posts by O.U.R., or talk to your friends about this worldwide problem affecting children everywhere.
  • Donating: You can donate to O.U.R. through their website. Any small amount makes a big difference for so many children.



Human sex trafficking is a heartbreaking reality for many children, and that’s why it’s important to me. Through Russell Brunson being involved, I’ve learned so much about this cause that is close to him. It’s now become a cause that is close to me as well.

Thanks for reading! Any support for O.U.R. and their mission is greatly appreciated by all involved, especially the children.

Take care,


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