What is Your Superpower?

I realized a long time ago that there are a lot of things I’m not. I’m not going to walk into a room and be the prettiest, the funniest, or the smartest. I’m not going to be the most educated, or the most successful. However, I have one thing that has always come naturally to me. One thing that has always set me apart a bit. One thing I’ve felt comfortable doing. And that’s connecting to people. 

That’s it. That’s my superpower. 

Discovering my superpower has done a lot for me. It’s made me feel confident. It’s given me positive feelings of worth. It’s helped me realize my passion for helping others. It’s also made me aware of my weak points and the places that people can easily manipulate me so that I can watch out for those vulnerabilities. It’s also helped me with my career and made me realize how I can help as many people as possible. 

Finding your superpower can help you in the same way. You just need to find it. 

Finding Your Superpower

Every single one of us has a superpower. Many have more than one! If you don’t know yours, it’s time to start looking for it. If you already have one, it wouldn’t hurt to look for more. My superpower isn’t something super concrete or obvious, but it’s something that I’ve always felt happy with. I love connecting to people, and it makes me feel whole when I help someone else. Your superpower might be cooking healthy meals from limited groceries, it might be cheering someone up when they are sad, and it might be doing arts and crafts.

Maybe you’re really good at thinking up fun activities for your kids, or you’re good at organizing things, or you throw the best birthdays. Maybe you’re a fantastic teacher, or mechanic, or gardener. Maybe you learned how to make your own baby food when your kids were small and you loved doing it. Maybe you became an expert at doing your makeup really well. Your superpower can be anything!

Brainstorming tips:

  • Think of something you love to do
  • Think of something that comes naturally to you
  • Think of something others tend to praise you for
  • Think of something you learned that has helped you in some way

Knowing How to Use it 

My ability to connect to others isn’t always something I use by itself, it’s often something that helps me with other stuff. For instance, I have been told that I’m a charismatic speaker. I think that’s because I am able to connect with individual audience members even when they are in a sea of others. I help them feel seen and understood. Like they aren’t alone. It also just makes me feel confident when I speak to people I don’t know (though I am a bit introverted sometimes, and talking a lot drains me a bit). But it’s a thing I know I’m good at, and that makes me feel good about myself to have a superpower.

So whether you’re good at being a leader, working hard, sewing, or making others laugh, using your superpower just means remembering that you have a thing you’re especially good at. And that can help you feel good about yourself.

While I use my superpower to feel good about myself and to have confidence, I also use it in my career. My whole business was built on wanting to help others, and to make them feel seen. Another way to use your superpower is to create your dream business with it. If you’re a talented artist, you can sell your art or teach others how to create art. If you’re especially organized, you can create a program to teach others your organizational hacks. If you’re good at making people laugh or feeling happy, you can write a blog or an eBook about humor or personal growth.  

Brainstorming tips:

  • Think of how your superpower can help your own self-image and confidence
  • Think of how your superpower can help you in your life at home, work, or socially
  • Think of ways your superpower can become a business
  • Think of ways your superpower can help others solve a problem

Your superpower doesn’t have to be bright and flashy. Mine isn’t especially obvious or amazing, but it’s something I feel good about! It’s also helped me personally, and in my business. I’m okay with being the girl that connects to others and is willing to be vulnerable. Even if that means I’m not the prettiest, smartest, or most successful. I still have my thing — my superpower. 

I think that’s what makes me Natalie!

Tell me, what is your superpower?

xo Natalie

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