What Is a Digital Product?

I. Love. Digital. Products!

I have a few products that are physical. For example, many of my books used to come in a physical version as well as an eBook. I have shirts that I sell within my 21-Day Challenge, I had a jewelry line, I sell some swag, and I used to have my own line of protein powder.

As of now I’m mostly selling online digital products. Why? Because they are cost effective, can be delivered to customers pretty much immediately, and play to my strengths in my business. What is a digital product, anyway? I’ll tell you what they are and why they can be a great alternative to physical ones.

What is a digital product?

A digital product is a product that exists in digital form instead of a physical form. Think eBooks, podcasts, webinars, an online course, an online challenge, or membership sites. They can even be downloadable goods like digital art, cards, sewing patterns, or stationary.

I’m not a very artistic person, so I’m more about the eBooks and courses than the cards and stationary, but each one would qualify as a digital product. These products aren’t tangible when you deliver them to your customer, making them great in terms of overhead cost. Plus, for many of these products, once they are created you can sell them easily with systems in place. This obviously isn’t true for a lot of digital art or personalized items, but it is the case for many others.

Why digital products?

My greatest strength is connecting to people. My biggest passion is helping people. One of my best selling digital products was an eBook called Abs, Core, & Pelvic Floor. The digital version was delivered to customers immediately, which I loved so I could help them faster. With no extra cost for printing and shipping!

My current digital products include a 21-Day Challenge, a membership site, a podcast, a webinar, and an online business course (among others!). Some of these things are free, others are products I sell, but all of them allow me to connect to my audience with videos so that I can connect to them. Since that’s my strength, digital products are my favorite way to help people!

Not all products are things, many products are information. Digital products are a great way to help others in a more interactive and immediate way. It’s also a booming industry as the world shifts more and more into the online space. And, surprisingly, you don’t even have to be tech saavy in order to create online digital products! Trust me… I’m the least techy person ever!

It’s just one of the many tips I have for anyone wanting to start their own business. If you’re wanting to make an impact, digital products can be the key!

Tell me, what’s the best digital product you’ve used recently?

Your friend,

Natalie ❤

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