My husband told me I shouldn’t post this video and that if I did post it I would probably lose all my fans because this is so weird and in his words, “creepy”. But, I figured if this is something I have a problem with, surely there has to be other people who deal with this too (even if it’s not really a very flattering video).

In my video, I called this “veggie bloat” but please keep in mind this doesn’t really happen from 1 or 2 serving of vegetables. This happens when I eat a huge (1.5-2 lb) bag of raw green beans or snap peas, etc. So, please don’t think veggies are bad for you because they will make you bloat. Veggies are so vital to getting lean! This just happens to me when I eat an extremely large amount of veggies at once. This doesn’t happen if I eat a normal serving of vegetables.

This bloat usually happens about 30 minutes after I eat a ton of veggies, and goes away about an hour later. I do take one capsule of Udo’s Adult Probiotic each morning and that has helped with my bloating significantly during the day but this still happens if I eat a ton of veggies at once.

Do any of you deal with bloating like this?? I hope I’m not the only one! That would be embarrassing!! πŸ™‚