Valentines Day!

Vday Sale

With Valentines Day being tomorrow, it's a reminder to tell those you care about just how much you love them.

What's the one gift you always want to give to loved ones? Health. Help someone special in your life get a kick-start, or keep going strong, with a healthy lifestyle through inspiration by the 42 recipes in the eCookbook I co-wrote with Ellen Whitney, Delight Your Appetite. 64 pages filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides & dessert recipes, alongside beautiful pictures and a look into our own personal fitness journeys.

In honor of the holiday, we want to let you know that we love YOU and all the support you've shown us, so today and tomorrow only, we will be running a sale for 20% off our e-cookbook. Be sure to pick up a copy for those special people in your life, and when thinking of those you love, don't forget to include YOURSELF at the very top of that list!#SelfLove #HealthFirst #DelightYourAppetite

PS - as an extra bonus I decided to also extend the coupon to my training programs. So, the code LOVE will work an all ebooks for sale on my site 🙂  The sale ends Feb 14th at 11:59pm CST.

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