Three Things Every Good eBook Needs

I love eBooks! I say this all the time when coaching others about digital products. Though they aren’t for everyone, they are one of my favorite digital products to create and to buy.

When creating an eBook information product, it’s best to tap into the mind of the prospective reader when naming it, writing it, and connecting with them. The goal is to create something you’re proud of, to make something that can help others, and to ensure others will buy it.

A Captivating Title

I’ll be totally transparent here, naming things is so hard for me! I decided to start naming my programs and products surrounding the mountains because that’s what I love… Peak Business Academy, Base Camp, Discover Your Digital Product Challenge, etc. But I discovered a formula for naming an eBook that has proven to help many students in my Peak Business Academy.

How to ___ Without ___.
How to ___ Even if ___. 

This tells prospective readers what you’re teaching them, and it’s breaking a limiting belief at the same time! 

Some examples:

How to Start a Garden Without a Lot of Outdoor Space

How to Organize Your Space Even if You Have No Storage

How to Create Activities For Your Kids Without Making a Mess

How to Read More Even if You Don’t Have Time

This is not the only way to name an eBook! Many great eBooks don’t follow this formula. But if you’re looking for a captivating title, this is a great place to start your brainstorming!

Your Story

This is the secret sauce of any digital product, and it comes in within the pages of an eBook as well as in the marketing of the eBook. That secret sauce is rooted in connection marketing. There are so many reasons why people buy things, and one of them is that people feel connected to the story behind the product. I’ve purchased so many things from people because I just felt connected to them. Sometimes their story was similar to mine, and I felt a kinship with them. I felt seen and like they got me. Other times, I just felt connected to that person and their journey in creating that product and thought I could get something out of it. 

Within the pages of your eBook, sprinkling in anecdotes, stories, and connection is a great way to help the reader feel like they aren’t alone. Like they were there with you as you made progress, learned, or had revelations.They might feel understood if they are going through something similar. They might feel like they understand the process better. This connection piece is paramount for your reader, and I think it’s something every good eBook needs.

A Clear Action Plan

It’s so important to figure out what you want someone to get out of your eBook at the end of it. This is why I think reverse engineering your outline is perfect for writing an eBook. Do you want them to have a garden at the end of your eBook? Do you want them to read more books a year? Maybe you just want them to feel empowered, or to have the tools they need to accomplish their goals. Not every eBook leaves the reader with something tangible. Many times the goal is to give them the tools they need or a feeling of empowerment or understanding. 

Having this clear ending in mind will help you create a framework within your eBook to ensure success for the reader. It’s your job to take them where they are now, to where they want to be. If I want them to have a garden within limited space, how can I get them there? Well, I’d need to talk about plants that don’t take up space. I’d need to talk about different boxes or planters that fit in a small area. I’d need to talk about plants that are easier to grow. Having a clear end result in mind will help you build your framework from there. 

The goal of every good eBook is for the writer to write it with passion, for the reader to get something out of it, and for it to sell well! With a captivating title, your story, and a clear action plan, you can accomplish those things!

Tell me, what eBook would you like to write?

xo Natalie 

P.S. Want to learn more about creating and selling digital products like eBooks? Check out my FREE web class HERE!

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