The Worst Things You Could Say To A Pregnant Woman

When you’re pregnant, often times it feels like everyone has something to say about your pregnancy. I like to think that not everyone means harm, maybe they’ve never experienced being pregnant or maybe they just don’t think about what they’re going to say before they say it. Either way, it’s still very frustrating, especially during such a vulnerable time!  After talking with some of my best friends, we came up with this list of what NOT to say to a pregnant woman!

You’re getting so big!

You look ready to pop!

Are you having twins?

How long do you think it will take you to lose the weight?

WOW! You’re so small, you don’t even look pregnant!

You know what causes that right?

You’ll never sleep again…

Wow! You look tired!

Can I touch your belly?

Was it planned?

Being pregnant is probably one of the most special and most vulnerable times in a woman’s life. Not only is this process life-changing, but it is one of the biggest changes your body will ever go through. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing!

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