“A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit.” -Desiderius Erasmus

Natalie Hodson Lacing Shoes 2

I have learned that, for me, my motivation comes in cycles. I have noticed that a few times each year I go through a couple weeks where I lose that motivation and desire to workout. What I have learned, is that when I start to feel unmotivated, I really try to focus and fall back on my habits to keep me going. For example, if I don’t want to work out, I focus on keeping my habit of just getting to the gym….even if it means only walking on the treadmill while I watch part of a Netflix movie. I focus on the habit of keeping nutritious foods in my shopping cart, so that later at night when I get in a munchies-cravings mood I only have healthy snacks at home to snack on. Maintaining those habits, and not beating myself up if I am in a less-intense workout phase of my life, has been one of my secrets for long term consistency. Like you always hear me say, losing the ‘all or nothing’ mentality was one of the healthiest decisions I ever made. Eventually my motivation comes back, it always does, but learning that the ‘off’ cycles do not mean I’m a failure has really helped me progress and stay more consistent long term.

Sometimes, the hardest part is just lacing up your shoes and getting out the door.

Your friend,

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