The Power of a Podcast

I’ve done episodes on my podcast, Pulling Back the Curtain, in between dropping my kids off and picking them up from school, I’ve done some with friends, and some with others in my industry. I’ve cried, laughed, drank glasses of wine, and discovered things I don’t think I would have otherwise. It’s been great talking about things others may not be talking about, and pulling back the curtain to reveal vulnerability and authenticity in each topic. 

My podcast is a little over a year old, and it’s been such a fun venture in my business! We are launching season 2 tomorrow, and it got me thinking about the power of a podcast, and why it’s been such a rewarding aspect of offering content to my followers. I was so nervous to launch it, and I’m honestly still nervous about season 2, but it’s been an amazing journey. As a podcaster, and an avid podcast listener, I just think there’s power in this type of content from both sides.  

As a Podcaster

I love offering content in a lot of different ways. From writing, to making YouTube videos, to sharing stories on Instagram, to making posts on Facebook, to podcasting, I love something about each one. Podcasting, however, offers something really unique. I know I can connect to people when I speak on stage, and a podcast offers a bit of that same magic. However, the best part is that it’s unscripted. I may have notes, but everything is authentic and off the cuff otherwise. I get to interview and chat with people I love or look up to, and my followers can get a fun insight into those conversations. 

From a business perspective, my podcast is largely free content meant for my followers. Though I do advertise for my business a little, and may advertise for other businesses in the future, it’s a way to offer free content while doing something I really enjoy. And you can’t put a price on that!

As a Listener

As a podcast listener myself, I love this form of content because it’s something I can do while I do other things. Which is great for parents, people who are always busy, and those who like to multitask. Podcasts allow me to learn while I cook, work out, do laundry, drive, or even while I work sometimes. They leave me feeling motivated, entertained, and inspired. I love podcasts that are fun, but I also love the ones that teach me something and keep me informed in my industry. 

Podcasts are powerful because it’s a way to speak to listeners on a large scale. I’ve been a podcaster, and a listener, and I try to remember both of those hats when I record my own. The ones I love the most are the ones that are the most vulnerable, which is one of the biggest messages in my life and my own business. 

Memorable Episodes of Behind the Curtain

In about 60 podcast episodes on my podcast, I love something about each episode. However, there are a few that stick out in my mind the most. So, I thought I’d share those with you!

Some of the Podcasts I Listen to

In addition to some of my memorable episodes on my own podcast, I also wanted to talk about other podcasts that I’ve loved listening to over the years!

  • The Ed Mylett Show – The episode Unlocking Your Success Code is one of my anchors! This podcast is so inspirational and great for improvement whether that be for your mind, body, business, or family. 
  • The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience – This podcast is done by a friend of mine, and it’s about fitness and nutrition, but it goes a lot deeper than that. What I love about this podcast is the journey, the self-love lessons, how raw it is, and how vulnerable he is. 
  • The Marketing Secrets Show – This is really the very first place I learned about internet marketing, so I still religiously listen to his stuff! Russell is great, and he gives so much valuable information for free. 

The power of the podcast is real! I’ve had such a great time recording my own, and immersing myself into other podcasts at the same time. 

What are some podcasts you love?

xo Natalie 

P.S. If you’ve listened to my podcast, Pulling Back the Curtain, or even if you haven’t, my first episode of season 2 drops tomorrow and I’d love your input! If you have a topic you want me to cover, let me know! 

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