If I had to find some items to encompass what it’s like to be the woman I am, it would be an interesting assortment of belongings. It might include some sparkly earrings, my favorite lipstick, and self-tanner. It might also include my favorite ball cap, a fishing pole, and my hiking boots. It would include my gardening gloves, a photo of my kids, and my grill. Maybe a pair of workout leggings, a stack of my favorite recipes, and a motivational podcast. Maybe it would include some videos of me and my friends, my budgeting spreadsheet, and a few of the post-its I keep around my house about reaching my goals and loving myself. My womanhood encompasses so many sides of me. 

Like I said, it’s a weird assortment of stuff. But really, being a woman isn’t just about what I look like or being a mom, it’s about a lot of things! As women, we are complex. There are many sides to all of us. That’s what I wanted to tap into when I created my new program, Our Womanhood. It’s about exercise and nutrition (something I think all of us want to be better about!), but it’s also about our careers, our kids, our hobbies, our finances, and our mindset. It’s also about relating to each other, and feeling like we belong to a tribe. The meaning behind Our Womanhood is about nurturing all parts of our lives in order to be successful, and getting support along the way. 

A Healthy Body

It’s kind of where it all started for me. I had my kids and experienced a lot of physical and emotional struggles as a result. My body wasn’t the same, I was struggling with diastasis recti and incontinence, and I had gained a lot of weight from giving birth to my two 10 pound babies! I had a hard time looking in the mirror. My confidence was shot. Exercise wasn’t the same, I had less time, my body wasn’t as strong, and eating healthy was a lot harder — especially on a budget. 

I wrote a book with a friend of mine, Dr. Monique Middlekauff, called Abs, Core, & Pelvic Floor, because I wanted to help other moms with the diastasis recti and the incontinence I experienced. After that, I created Modern Mom Lifestyle, which was another way to help new moms learn more tips about nutrition and exercise that I wish I’d known when I was in that place. Our Womanhood has evolved from that program, but it still taps into teaching women about feeling strong in their body, learning how to do some at-home exercises, and how to follow or create a workout schedule to get their body where they want it to be. 

The Tools for Nutrition

For me, nutrition can be harder than exercise. Though I was in the fitness space, I sort of found myself there accidentally. I have never loved working out, but I do it to feel better and get my body where it needs to be. When it comes to nutrition, it’s especially hard when you have kids who may not want to eat what you eat, your metabolism is out of whack due to being postpartum or experiencing menopause, or you’ve never been taught how to eat right. Our Womanhood works to provide meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes with your budget, lifestyle, and time in mind. I also offer tricks on calorie deficits, eating better when you’re at social events, and creating meals that taste good but are also healthy for you. 

Self-Love and Mindset

I talk a lot about giving yourself grace and being kind to yourself. I also talk about building yourself up, learning lessons from failures, and reaching your goals. It’s not all about exercise and nutrition, it’s also about how you talk to yourself while getting healthy. I’m not about body shaming, making you feel bad, or putting people down in order to get them to do something. We do that to ourselves enough as it is. Instead, I wanted Our Womanhood to be a place where we can learn to change our negative thoughts into positive ones, where we love ourselves enough to get healthy, and where we are kind when we talk about bodies. Our Womanhood provides lessons in self-care, self-love, and having a positive mindset. 

The Independence of Careers and Finance

I believe there are three pillars that help to make a strong woman: physical health, emotional health, and financial health. I’m passionate about careers and finances in the same way that I’m passionate about everything else. It’s not as sexy of a topic, but I really think that being confident at work and with finances can help to boost our independence and pride in who we are as women. Our Womanhood will provide tools for budgeting, business, and balancing this aspect of life with all of the others. 

Finding Female Support 

Community. I use this word a lot when I talk about Our Womanhood. It’s a platform to help with exercise, nutrition, emotional health, and finance, but it’s also about building strong bonds as women. It’s about creating a place that we can call home. At home we feel safe, we can be vulnerable, and we aren’t alone. Our Womanhood also offers a strong, supportive community that all of us can lean on when things are hard. It’s also a great tool if we need to celebrate our wins! Women are so strong, even in our differences, and our community will facilitate a bond between all of us. Together we all encompass our own womanhood, and that’s the idea that spawned this whole program for me. Girls rule, and I love the idea of creating a community where we can all help each other through the other pillars.

Our Womanhood is for women in all phases of womanhood, no matter which items you choose to encompass the type of woman you are. Being a woman is amazing and powerful, it’s silly and breathtaking, it’s hard and overwhelming, it’s a combination of so many things. No one’s experience with womanhood is the same, and that’s why it’s so special. In Our Womanhood, we can learn from each experience. And that’s the meaning behind Our Womanhood. 

Thank you so much for reading!

xo Natalie

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