Last week I had a crazy idea.

I went for a run (that turned into kind of a run/walk) in the foothills in Boise….my favorite place in Boise to run.

I happened to finish at just over six miles and because it was beautiful, and I walked quite a bit, I felt great at the end.

So, then the next day I decided to go running again and about a mile into it I thought to myself,

“what if I ran a 10k a day for 10 days?!  That would be kind of a fun challenge!”

…then I got to mile four and started getting tired and telling myself what a dumb idea this was lol.

Anyways….I put it on my InstaStories that I was going to run a 10k a day for 10 days even if it meant I walked part of it and even if it meant I went slow.

I am using you guys for accountability.

But as soon as I put up that InstaStory I instantly got flooded with DM’s and messages from you guys saying,

“Natalie!  I want to lose 10lbs for summer should I start running a lot right now like you are?”

And my answer….


Not unless you actually enjoy running!

The fitness industry is full of marketers who try to sell you the latest fad diet, the fanciest new workout.

But as un-sexy as is sounds, the TRUTH is that fat loss is about energy balance.  Calories you eat have energy, and you can burn energy through exercise. You can be in a deficit by eating less, or burning more, or both.

So the only way weight loss happens, is when you are in a calorie deficit.  

Does that sound boring?  Yes. But is it the truth?  Also yes.

The only reason I have been running so much right now is because I genuinely am enjoying it.  

The weather is awesome right now, I have found some really cool trail runs that are beautiful (except for the snakes but we will save that for another email….), and I am enjoying getting out and running so I am sticking with it.

Some people love zumba.  Some people love spin classes.  Some people love lifting weights.  Some people hate exercise, but they can put an audiobook on their headphones or a podcast and go walk for a bit.

The point is…..the exercise doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that you are moving. And that you get moving every single day.

You may find that you like running for a few weeks, then you get bored so you want to switch to spin classes, then you get bored so you want to switch to swimming.

That’s ok!  The exercise matters much less than the movement itself. I promise you.  

If you hate the exercise you are doing, you won’t stick with it.  

And that is the boring, honest truth.  But it works.

If you want to start moving, but are unsure really how to get started, you don’t need to feel embarrassed or nervous.

In my Modern Mom Lifestyle program, we have hundreds of women who probably felt just like you that were nervous to take the first step, but they joined.  

We do daily workouts together, we share success and failures together, and we use each other for accountability on days we don’t feel motivated.

It is the most encouraging, supportive group of women I have ever been a part of.

Try it out for seven days for free….you may actually find that you can enjoy exercise and being a part of a community of women in the same phases of life as you.

Don’t fall victim to the fitness industry who sells you programs on fad diets and quick fat loss scams.  Surround yourself with people who genuinely have your best interest at heart, and want to help you succeed.

You’ve got this.

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Your Friend,