Blogger, Walking In Memphis in High Heels, recently completed my 30 day Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor program. I love what she said in her testimonial!

“I needed to start working on the basic fundamentals to build the rest of my workout on. Working out is pointless if you aren’t even doing the exercises right. And every workout starts with your core.”

This program focuses on improving conditions like diastasis recti, abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction most commonly caused by pregnancy. I mean, raise your hand if you can’t jump on a trampoline with your kids without peeing your pants!

I was right there with you until I decided to help improve my diastasis recti. Follow the link to read more on Walking In Memphis In High Heels testimonial and how you can help improve on the fight against leakage, because lets face it…’s a struggle 🙂

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