Testimonial of the dreaded mom pooch

"The 'mom pooch' is a loving term and can be worn as a badge of honor, but really, I just want to be able to work on my abdomen when I'm at the gym and get where I want to be! I'm proud of my body, and I know that I'm strong, but it's at my core of where I'm craving more strength - because I know it's in there! I have been having the hardest time with my "mom pooch" area - so I was excited to try out the Abs, Core & Pelvic Floor program because it focuses on this area as well as other common issues associate with post-pregnancy."

Check out this LINK to read more about @andherlittledogtoo 's experience going through our 30-Day Abs, Core & Pelvic Floor Program!


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You can check her full blog out HERE!

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