Sweet Potato Chips

This is how I will sometimes prep my sweet potatoes for the week. I cut them into slices and sprinkled cinnamon and truvia on top (I cut up 5 sweet potatoes and only needed to use two packets of truvia). I only did one side but you could flip them and put the cinnamon/truvia on both sides if you wanted. I cooked them for about 35 minutes on 350. Once they were cooled I portioned them out and put them in 5 different ziploc baggies (each between 4-6 ounces weighed on my food scale after they have been cooked) so all I have to do is grab one packet, grab a lean protein source, some veggies, and go! 🙂

You could also play around with the spices and do things like garlic powder, chili powder, etc.

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  1. So…do you put these in the frig after and eat them cold? Or do you heat them up later to eat them? Sounds yummy!


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