You can never have enough healthy and quick snack ideas and this is the most AMAZING pickled egg recipe ever!! The first time I heard about pickled eggs, I thought they sounded totally disgusting. But, I promise you, they are soooo delicious and a great, quick way to get in some protein and healthy fats. They aren’t overly spicy but have just enough kick to create a good flavor.


Here’s what you will need:

-Eggs (a lot of them!)

-Whole garlic cloves

-1 gallon of distilled white vinegar

-Large bottle of sriracha hot sauce

-Peppers of choice (I use jarred pepperoncinis, jalapenos, and habaneros.)



  1. Hard Boil eggs and peel. (If an egg breaks and you can see the yellow yolk do not use it! It will ruin the whole jar.)
  2. Before adding eggs to the jars squirt enough sriracha in the bottom of each jar so that it’s about ½ – ¾ of an inch deep.
  3. Peel 3-4 individual garlic cloves per jar and place in bottom of jar.
  4. Add peppers. I usually add 3 pepperoncinis, then 1-2 jalapenos or habaneros. (I like habaneros the best!)
  5. Add eggs until they reach the top of the jar. You want to still be able to close the lid without squishing the eggs. (You don’t want the eggs to crack!)
  6. Add vinegar until it reaches the top of the jar and then place the canning lid and ring on the jars.
  7. Use a large canning pot (aka a water bath pot) and fill it with enough water that when you add your jars to the pot your jars are totally immersed in water.
  8. Bring water to boil and boil jars for 20 minutes. Remove jars and allow to cool.
  9. Let them set. At minimum they will need to set for a couple of weeks, but they taste best if you let them set for about 6 weeks.  Typically I will flip the jars upside down every other week to allow the sriracha to soak evenly.


I hope you enjoy this recipe! Eat in moderation for the sake of others you may share company with that day, haha!

Your friend,