I hope I don’t offend anyone by this post, but I thought it was funny enough to share.

One of my favorite things about having this page is getting to share all my recipes with you guys. For me, the only way I can stick with a meal plan is if I really enjoy the food I am eating. So, I like to try a lot of new things in the kitchen, play around with different foods and spices, etc. I usually share with you the good ones and don’t post the bad ones.

Here was a really, really bad one πŸ™‚ I thought I would play around with spinach, egg white, and various spices to make mini frittatas. Well, they did not taste very good at all (I used thyme, pepper, and a few other spices and blended everything in the blender then baked them in muffin tins) and had to load them up with low-sugar ketchup to get them down. My husband came into the kitchen and said, “Gross! Those look like horse turds!” I couldn’t stop laughing and now he thinks he’s funny in the morning to ask me if I’m going to have horse turds for breakfast again πŸ™‚

Happy Friday everyone! Do any of you have any good failed recipe stories?