15109378_1146943762050010_9015611817875067353_nDid you know that body image is the number one shame trigger for women? Studies show that most women have on average 11-19 negative body image thoughts every single day! The secret to changing this is to be aware of your thoughts and the way you speak to yourself. When you step out of the shower change your internal dialogue when you look in the mirror from, “ugh I look gross” to “I have a strong, healthy body”. When you look in the mirror and only focus on the parts of your body you don’t like, instead say to yourself, “I love how my arms look!” Or “my smile is really pretty today”. At first it feels cheesy and not very natural, but when you can focus on the positive instead of the negative every single day you will slowly learn to cultivate positive self talk instead of using negative words when you speak to yourself.

I believe in you.

Your friend,