I remember after having this baby, I tried to do some push-ups and couldn’t even do one regular push-up. I remember feeling so discouraged that I had lost so much progress and that my arms and core were so weak. I remember going running for the first time and uncomfortably pull my shirt down over my tummy that was jiggling over my pants. I remember looking in the mirror and wondering if my stomach would ever look like it used to. I know what it’s like when every pair of pants you own are too tight. I remember feeling hopeless and discouraged so many times.

Change happened because I didn’t give up. I have not been perfect, but I have been consistent. I knew that if I put the work in each day with healthy meals and workouts that I would see changes. Some weeks I saw results quickly, and other weeks I felt like I took a step backwards, but I kept at it. I had days where I ate too much junk food and days that I missed my workouts, but I didn’t let it break me, I kept at it the next day.

You’ve heard me say this a thousand times, but it is the mantra that I tell myself over and over. It is a combination of all the small decisions you make each day that make a big difference in the end.

I believe in you.

Your friend,

Before After

PS – because everyone always asks….the photo on the right is a current photo of me 5’8″ and 150lbs.  The photo on the left was about 2 months after I had my second daughter.  I was 225lbs when I delivered her and probably around 200lbs in this photo.  There was a little over a year difference between the two photos.  I never promise fast and furious results with my programs (because I don’t think that is sustainable long term), but I do promise that if you stick with it you can see incredible results.  You can find more about the training programs I have for sale here: http://nataliehodson.com/ebook-store/