I know what it’s like to feel discouraged and uncomfortable with my body. After having children I remember feeling this way so many times. You may be feeling this way today for a variety of reasons, but I want you to know that change is possible. Change happened for me because I didn’t give up and change can happen for you if you don’t give up.

I have not been perfect, but I have been consistent. Some weeks I saw results quickly and other weeks I felt like I took steps backwards, but I kept at it. I had days where I ate too much junk food and days that I missed my workouts, but I didn’t let it break me, and I kept at it the next day.

It’s a combination of the small decisions you make each day that make a big difference in the end. Be gracious to yourself when you make a mistake or have a “not so good” day and keep going. Change will come. I believe in you.

Small Decisions Can Make a Big Difference

Your friend,