How a Digital Product Can Elevate Your Service-Based Business

One of the things I truly love is to brainstorm with people. Something I’m asked often is if a digital product will work for someone’s existing business. Often, that’s a service-based business. And I LOVE brainstorming digital products that will work for those kinds of businesses!

The short answer is basically always… YES! Yes, a digital product will work for your business!

Digital products are not only for online businesses. They are not only for digital product businesses. They can work for basically anyone! Not only will it work, it can elevate your service-based business in amazing ways. From appealing to a wider audience, opening up more of your time, and providing a ton of perks in the digital product world, digital products are a giant asset to any business.

Appeal to a Wider Audience

The digital product world is full of possibilities. One of the great things about it is that it appeals to a wider audience. Maybe your service has to be done in person. Well, a digital product can help you reach people who don’t live near you. Maybe your service is too expensive for some. A digital product can fill a gap further down your value ladder to appeal to more people in different financial situations. Maybe you’re already offering different digital products as a companion to your service. Then why not create your own?

Here are some examples of service-based businesses:

  • Housecleaner 
  • Masseuse
  • Personal trainer
  • Life coach
  • Dietician
  • Makeup artist
  • Doula
  • Dog groomer
  • Babysitter/Nanny
  • Handyman

Here are some examples of digital products for each of those service-based businesses:

  • A 30-Day Deep Cleaning Challenge
  • An at-home massage course
  • An at-home workout membership site
  • An eBook about mindset
  • A food log workbook
  • A 7-Day Makeup Challenge
  • A birthing affirmation and reflection workbook
  • A course on teaching basic at-home pet cleaning
  • An eBook full of kids activities
  • A how-to eBook on common home repairs 

Open Up More of Your Time

I’ll draw on some of my own experience here! When I started my Peak Business Academy, I really wanted to help people start their own businesses. However, my time was stretched so thin. I truly couldn’t help as many people as I wanted with 1-on-1 coaching sessions because there wasn’t enough time in the day. 

So, I started an online business course where I could put all of my knowledge about building a business! Then my 1:1 coaching sessions went up my value ladder. My time was freed up, I could help more people, and I was able to put way more into the people I worked with 1-on-1. My business was immediately elevated by creating my online business course!

Digital Product Perks

There are a ton of online products to choose from depending on what your service is, what you like to do, and how you like doing it. However, they all have similar perks. Digital products have low overhead costs. No shipping, no storage, no printing. They are delivered digitally, then you’re done! With eBooks, you deliver them via email. Challenges may involve more work if you decide to do them live. Membership sites and courses usually require updates. But otherwise, once it’s created, it’s done! Then it’s all upkeep.

Your digital product can be something to help your customers in so many ways. Maybe it’s a companion product to your service, or a product for those who aren’t in your vicinity. Maybe you’re helping others in your field! Some worry that their digital product will replace their service, but there are so many ways to create a product in a way that will aid your customers without taking from the service at the top of your value ladder. If you’re recommending a journal, book, course, etc. at all, why not just create it yourself?

Raise Your Cart Value

A digital product is a great way to up your average cart value! It’s often the perfect add-on product that can help you with revenue, and can be one more way to help your customer. For example, your customer might book you as a personal trainer, and for an extra $14.95, they can get a substitution guide from you for some common high calorie foods. If you’re a nanny and your customers are always raving about the activities you are able to come up with for their kids, let them know about your eBook they can purchase with more activities for them to try! Just because you’re a service-based business doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your business with a digital product.

As you can see, digital products are perfect for SO many businesses! Not just for online businesses or physical product businesses. Your service-based business can be elevated in so many ways from appealing to a wider audience, opening up your time, providing digital product perks, and raising your cart value. 

Are you brainstorming ways this can help your business?? I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Thanks for reading!

xo Natalie  

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