I can remember the very first time that I felt insecure in my body. I was 12. I had started to develop breasts and suddenly a few boys in my class started snapping my bra. My dad later mentioned that I should stand up tall (instead of hunching over) and suck in my stomach a little. It was the very first time I remember feeling just…. Not good in my own body.


This continued over and over throughout life, but it was the very worst, it had ever been when I was in the last trimester in both of my pregnancies. I was so swollen. My face just becomes one shape, and there is no longer anything familiar to a jawline. My joints disappear, and watching the scale reach higher, and higher and higher as I surpass 30, 40, and then 60 pounds my heart just sank.


I imagined that as soon as I had the baby I would look the same again. But weeks and months passed and I still looked pregnant and everytime I tried to do old familiar exercises I just couldn’t. I was so weak and I just didn’t understand why.

All of those feelings of 12 year old insecurities would rush back every time I saw myself in the mirror.


It affected my self esteem, my marriage, and general outlook on life.


Finding an exercise program after children is SO hard. Restarting from scratch is really hard, and no one quite explains that you won’t be in the exact same strength/shape right after the baby comes.

Something else that NO ONE talks about is how leaving the baby in those first few months is REALLY hard. I didn’t want to go to the gym in my mushy, weak, uncomfortable body and leave my baby with some strange lady.

I remember thinking “if I want to leave my baby to go workout I must be selfish.”


So I didn’t. And so, started the longest year of my life.


Because of this I have tried SO hard all of my career to help women feel good about themselves, teach them how to eat healthy on a budget, and how to exercise at a gym, or at home in 30 minutes or less, and most importantly- that self care is not selfish and it will make you a happier human, and better mom.


Join me in finding what works for the average mom that doesn’t have a ton of money, or ton of time— but still wants to feel her very best.


You deserve it.


Your friend,



Ps. Here is an example of our group challenges that have some great at home workouts, and some easy healthy challenges for the whole family