Right Now the Little Things are More Important than Ever

I’ve been really overwhelmed over these past few weeks. I’m scared, and stressed, and frustrated. I felt like I had to step up and use my platform to help this crisis. I made video after video explaining why people need to take this pandemic seriously, and why we should all stay inside. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating. The truth of the matter is that I’ve reached who I will reach, and I was really doing a number on my mental health. 

So I took some time to slow down. I went out in my garden and I walked barefoot in the soil. I literally brought myself back down to earth. I can’t take on this entire pandemic on my own. It’s not my job. I started thinking about how many people out there are feeling the same way. The empaths, the fixers, the leaders. We all feel like we need to be doing more. 

Sometimes, it’s not about the big things, it’s about the small things. I’ll help by teaching people how to make the most out of what’s in their pantry. I’ll share a funny meme. I’ll share my feelings. Those things may not be big, but right now the little things are more important than ever. 


Slow Down

We all joke about how hard it is to spend every waking moment with our families while we are quarantined at home with spouses and kids, but it is a blessing. People on my team have talked about feeling closer than ever to their spouse. Feeling blessed to know their kids are safe. When my kids go to their dad’s house, I’m all alone, which has really made me cherish the time they’re here. I’m reminded to slow down, which is something I don’t do often! I’m a go, go, go type of person. Slowing down has helped me to be thankful for the positives and not so frantic about what I feel like I should be doing to help the world. 

Find Something Small

Walking barefoot in my garden was such a small activity, but that small thing changed my entire mindset when I was spiraling. What is your small thing that can help you feel normal and at peace? Maybe it’s turning on your Christmas lights that you still have up (no judgement!) because they make you happy. Maybe it’s doing your hair even though you’re not leaving the house. Maybe it’s doing an under eye mask. Or maybe it’s having a group video call with your friends to help you stay connected. Maybe it’s walking barefoot. The small things can make all the difference. 

Be Mindful

Right now it can feel like some things just don’t matter. There are so many big things happening that it’s hard to care about being happy, eating right, or sleeping well. But, it’s important to be mindful of yourself in times like these. We can’t control what’s going on out there, but you can control a bit of what’s going on in your own home, and that can be comforting. Be mindful of your mental health even though that seems like a small issue compared to the big ones happening in the world. Spend a few hours away from the news. Write in a gratitude journal. Watch a funny movie. Just be mindful of how you’re feeling so you don’t forget yourself during this time.

Tell me what your little things are that help to keep you in a good place when things are hard!

Let’s share. Give hope. Choose love.



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