“Pumpkin Pie” Cottage Cheese

I will eat this sometimes for my last meal of the day instead of frozen egg whites. I mix one serving of 1% or 2% cottage cheese (I like Lactaid brand because it is easier on my stomach but it can be hard to find) with one spoonful of raw pumpkin (make sure the canned raw pumpkin you buy doesn’t have sugar added to it). *NOTE* most fat free cottage cheeses have sugar added to them, so I prefer to do 1% or 2% cottage cheese because it is lower in sugar.

I added cinnamon, a small dash of almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (I like MRM brand – Rich Vanilla flavor), and just a tiny bit of Stevia.

Not pretty, I know, but so good! Tastes like pumpkin pie!

Other variations could include adding in a small spoonful of cocoa powder and stevia, a spoonful of sugar free jelly, applesauce with cinnamon and stevia, etc. One great way to eat cottage cheese is with 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder, a dash of almond milk, and a bunch of cinnamon (I like a lot, but just eyeball it). Sort of has a “Mexican Mocha” taste!