It has been forever since I’ve posted a gardening video!  Here is a video I made showing how I prune my tomato plants (I have 40 plants this year!) and why single stem tomatoes seem to work better for me.  I also give you a little tour of my garden and show you the exact organic fertilizer I use.  Hope you like it!


Here is the link where you can learn more about MicroLife Fertilizers:
The ones I use are:
6-2-4 pellets (green bag)
8-4-6 pellets (blue bag) (I use these two bags interchangeably and usually just do half and half of each per the square footage directions on the bag. I mix this into my soil once a season before I plant anything new in the soil.)
Ocean Harvest Spray – this is what I used in this video and spray my plants every 7-10 days or so.