For some reason I was really craving cereal this morning! So, post workout I tried this concoction and loved it! I took 3 rice cakes and broke them up in a bowl (4 rice cakes for male serving size). Added 1/4c. frozen blueberries. Then I made a protein shake with 1 scoop whey protein (I use MRM brand Rich Vanilla flavor) and 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Poured over the ‘cereal’ as the milk. It still had sort of a protein shake taste, but was really good!

It is a little high in carbs (about 60g carbs, 25g protein) but I ate it in the morning and post-workout (leg day) so my body will use the carbs throughout the day. Protein is what repairs muscles but carbs are what grow your muscles. Without the proper amount of carbohydrates in your diet you won’t see the muscle tone and definition you want 🙂 I try to keep my daily macros somewhere between 40/40/20 and 35/45/20 (protein/carbs/fat percentages).