Practicing Self-Care This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is usually a day where you get pampered by your children or your spouse. Phoenix and Lincoln usually bring me the crafts they created at school, but this holiday takes on a whole new meaning for me as a single mom. For this reason, I’ve discovered that it’s important to practice self-care on Mother’s Day.

Getting gifts and extra loves is great, but it’s also a great reminder to take time for yourself as a mom. It can be hard to pull away from tasks for family and focus on you, but that’s often the most important. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so take some time for you. Here are some self-care activities you can do this Mother’s Day:

Make a Meal for You

We often work to make meals for our kids, or for our family, not just ourselves. This can mean making a lot of meals that won’t trigger an argument at dinner with picky kids. This Mother’s Day, make a meal that you want to eat. Your kids can deal, or they can have PB&J this time, but treat yourself by making a meal that you want to eat.

Do Something You’ve Been Meaning to Try

If you’re like me, you have a ton of bucket list items you want to try. Some are bigger than others, but this Mother’s Day, cross one of them off. You might be wanting to try a new restaurant, experience a new hike, or make a new recipe you pinned a million years ago. This Mother’s Day, try something you’ve been meaning to try, no matter how small.

Find a New Exercise

Exercise can be difficult, especially if you go to the same gym and jump on the same treadmill every time. This Mother’s Day, try something new. Do a yoga class, try an at-home challenge, go for a run in the mountains, or decide to swim at the gym. A new exercise can be a great jump start to self-care and will help you to feel accomplished.

Take Time for Your Hobby

Whether you garden, knit, paint, or write, take time this Mother’s Day for your hobby. If you’re like me, it’s hard to take time from your kids to spend time alone. However, that can often be exactly what you need. It doesn’t have to be the whole day, but make sure you’re taking a little time out for you.

Make Yourself Feel Pretty

Sometimes just getting my hair done can make all the difference in my day. Moms know that we don’t get a lot of time to ourselves, especially in the grooming department. It’s a yoga pants and messy bun life most of the time. However, it can be really helpful to do something that makes you feel pretty. Buy a new outfit, get your hair done, do a face mask, or make a nail appointment. These small efforts really go a long way. They do for me, at least!

Write Down Your Wins

We all know I love writing down quotes. Well, I also just like writing things down in general. Another great way to practice self-care is to write down some of your wins. You can do this in your phone, in a notebook, etc., but it can be a great exercise if you’re feeling overwhelmed this Mother’s Day. Write down your parenting wins, your wins as a spouse, or your wins as a person. Your wins are specific to you, but it’s a great practice to show yourself all of the things you’re doing right.

Mother’s Day is always a great reminder for me about how much I adore being a mom to my kids. However, it’s also a hard day in many ways. This is why it’s important for me to remind myself to focus on self-care. Being a mom is rewarding, but it can also be really hard.

Take care of you this Mother’s Day!



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