Photo Shoot Countdown

I have some fun news for members of my site (to find out more about become a member click here).   As many of you know, I haven’t been able to work out for the past four weeks since my surgery (you can read more about the surgery I had here).  I just got the clearance from my doctor yesterday that I am able to start working out again, starting slowly.  I will be at the Arnold Sports Festival March 6-8, 2015 working the MRM booth and I also have some big photo shoots scheduled for while I am there.  That gives me exactly 5 weeks until I need to be in photo shoot shape.

So, I am going to document every step of it for members of my site.  Each week I will share my weekly progress pictures, weight, etc with you guys.  I am going to put up the exact workouts I will be doing, and the meals, calories, and macros I am taking in each day.  I tend to gain weight first in my legs and that is also the last place I seem to lose my weight, so I will be showing you some things that seem to work for me to lean out and get that leg definition to show up.


You can find more information about becoming a member here:
Eventually I am going to turn this information into an ebook for purchase talking about healthy ways you can trim down in 4 weeks if you have a vacation or photo shoot you are trying to prepare for, but in the meantime, members are lucky and you will have access to all this information for just the normal membership cost.

This weekend I am going to do a video showing our grocery shopping haul, some of the things I cook in bulk on the weekends to prepare for the week, etc.  Starting Monday I will post progress pictures, meals, workouts, etc. Members will also be able to leave comments on my posts where they can ask me questions about why I am doing things a certain way, etc.

I hope you will consider joining as a member!  Along with this 5-week project, you will also have access to member-only recipes, google hangouts with me where you can chat and ask questions, motivation videos, at-home workouts, a forum for members, printable grocery lists, and meal prep suggestions.

Your friend,


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