Peak Featured Digital Products – Part 1

My Peak Business Academy is truly my dream come true! For years I’ve spent hours upon hours creating a course to help turn a dream into reality for so many people out there who, like me, feel a pull inside of them to do something MORE. To use their superpowers and know-how to help others. To feel fulfilled and empowered through creating their very own digital products. I’m proud to say that my Peak Family has created some seriously amazing products! So we’ve decided to share some featured products from them!

Featured are three stand-out products created by Peak members! I want to do this for a few reasons. 1) To celebrate those who have worked SO HARD and put in SO MANY HOURS creating amazing products! 2) To show others what these types of products look like and what went into making them. And 3) To get more eyes on these products that I think can really help people!

Congrats Laurie, Maria, and Jen on all of your hard work!

Featured eBook: Cooking Made Simple

Laurie joined Peak in July of 2021 and created her eBook with the help of Fast Path — our 4-week intensive program! She is selling this eBook as well as a number of other digital products and physical products! Her featured cookbook is a great example of a stellar eBook product!

What made you decide to create this product?

Cooking is like a love language for me. I like cooking, but I really love the feeling it gives me when I make something for my family. When I suddenly found myself a single mom of 2, trying to hold everything together, it was harder to find the time for cooking. The recipes I share in the cookbook are many of the recipes I used during those difficult times to be able to use my love language of cooking but not spend hours and hours in the kitchen. I love quick and easy cooking and I know I’m not the only one that has had to struggle with finding the time and energy to cook, so I created the cookbook to help others find that balance.

What do you hope people get out of it?

I hope others find the recipes delicious and easy to make and that it brings that warm fuzzy feeling of making a meal for your family without sacrificing a ton of time. 

What would you tell someone trying to create an eBook product?

Don’t give up. It won’t be great at first, but don’t let that get you down. It doesn’t mean you did something wrong. It’s a learning process. I’ve seen my skills improve over the past 5-6 months and things look very different today than they did back in July. Also, don’t box yourself into one idea. When I started this journey, I was focused solely on digital products but I’ve since created a couple of physical products that are now on Amazon, which is something I hadn’t even considered doing until recently. Embrace the challenges and the process and you’ll even surprise yourself.

What were your biggest struggles in creating this product?

Self-doubt and fear of putting the product out there. While I love the product, the fear of what others might think was a big obstacle for me. There were days it was holding me back and I focused too much on making things “perfect”, which is impossible. Once I set the idea of perfect aside, creating the product was so much easier.

What part of Peak was your biggest help in creating this product?

Fast Path was huge for me. I am one of those people that works well with a deadline, so having those 4 weeks of focus was super helpful. The Facebook Lives with Natalie were fantastic and I looked forward to them each week. And Module 4 of Peak Business Academy is pure gold.

Thank you, Laurie! You are such an inspiration!




Product link:

Featured Course/Membership Site: Spanish Doodle Art Lessons

Maria joined Peak in April of 2021 and created Spanish Doodle Art Lessons as well as some freebies after joining! She is currently focusing on her blog and podcast. We think her featured course is such a unique example of an awesome course product!

What made you decide to create this product?

I decided to create this product to help families not only practice with Spanish vocabulary but also as a way to have a mindfulness and creative practice together. Through the pandemic I learned that creativity was what brought my son and I a sense of peace and comfort. 

What do you hope people get out of it?

I hope that the kids have a greater sense of how relaxing and calming it can be to doodle and learn Spanish at the same time. For the adults that complete it with their kids, I hope they remember that they too have a creative side to them. I hope that this course sparks that creativity and allows families to connect in a meaningful way. 

What would you tell someone trying to create a course product?

I would tell them to keep going. I know I need to work on my marketing but I never would’ve learned that this is an area of growth if I had given up. It is hard work but when I got my first feedback from a family that worked through the course and saw the little moments of joy it created for them, I knew it was well worth it! 

What were your biggest struggles in creating this product?

My biggest struggle was definitely my self confidence. I came up with so many excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. I had a baby, we were in the middle of a pandemic, my husband was working late, and the list goes on and on. But when I really buckled down I realized that it was because I was scared. I was scared that maybe it wouldn’t be “good enough” and that is a pain point for me.

What part of Peak was your biggest help in creating this product?

The biggest part of Peak that helped me follow through in creating this course was probably module 5 about the entrepreneur mindset. I realized that even if it didn’t work out or I made 0 sales or had any other outcome that I did not want, it all would simply give me more information about myself and my process. That module just really helped give me some of that confidence and motivation to move through this process with grace and curiosity. 

Thank you, Maria! We are so proud of you!




Product link:

Featured Challenge: Healthy Hips Challenge

Jennifer Pippin created Pippin Performance with her husband and joined Peak Business Academy at the very beginning in 2019! She has many products, and her featured Healthy Hips Challenge is a great example of an awesome challenge product!

What made you decide to create this product?

My husband Matt, is a Strength and Mobility Coach who struggled with severe hip and low back pain from years and years of playing sports. It took him 15 years and over $20,000 in certifications and gadgets until he finally found a solution that ended up changing his life and the lives of his clients. In 2017, with my business background and his coaching background, we decided to take his style of training and bring it online so we could help more people. 

It took us about 2 years of creating all these elaborate programs to really understand the importance of niching down to a specific pain point. Around the same time, we started seeing that blogs and Youtube content we created regarding hip pain or tightness were driving the most traffic to our website. And then I asked Matt, “When people see you in person, what’s the #1 issue they’re dealing with?” Hands down it was issues relating to hip pain. And since Matt struggled with it for years, he knew exactly what frustrations folks were dealing with. It was very synchronistic in how it all happened. I was in Peak and Natalie was coaching us on challenges and how much they were working for her, and voilà, the Healthy Hips Challenge was born!

What do you hope people get out of it?

With the Healthy Hips Challenge, our #1 goal is to help people relieve hip pain and tightness so they can go out and enjoy the active things they love. It’s also important to us to help them understand why the problem started. Part of that is debunking some of the common misconceptions and modalities that aren’t making lasting change. Really, we want to share simple tools to empower people to take control of something that for many, they’ve been dealing with for years. 

What would you tell someone trying to create a challenge product?

You can do it! Challenges are such a fun way to share what you know with others and to bring people into your community. If it’s your first time creating a challenge, I’d recommend keeping it super simple! I’m speaking from experience here when I say that simple is better, not only for your customers, but for your sanity 😉

Value doesn’t always equal quantity and I think in the online space, it can lead to overwhelm and your customer feeling like they failed because they couldn’t follow through with your program. So although it’s tempting to want to share every single thing you know about the subject, focus on what you can share to give your challengers small wins along the way that gives them momentum. 

What were your biggest struggles in creating this product?

This is kind of building off of the last question but our biggest struggle was narrowing down the content. It was really important for us to not only coach the mobility exercises to help with their hip pain, but to share “the why” behind how their issues started. In our experience, this leads to the most success and empowers people to take control of their self-care. It’s that balance though of giving them the info they need and not overwhelming them. 

We eventually found our rhythm by using story telling and analogies to take the “techno babble” out of the conversation. We had clear “aha moments” we wanted them to get each day to help them understand and digest the concepts so they can take action and make this part of their daily lives. I will say that it also helps that we don’t take ourselves too seriously, which keeps the content fun and engaging instead of super serious (talk about snooze fest!).

What part of Peak was your biggest help in creating this product?

There are so many things I learned in Peak that helped us create our challenge! There was obviously the coaching on challenges where Natalie basically hands you the framework so you know exactly what to do and can take the guesswork out of it, but there’s so much more that she helps you with like understanding your audience, the best ways she’s found to market the challenge, and product pricing. She’s such an open book and will tell it to you straight about what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and everything in between. On top of that, she really dives into mindset and the fear of failure which I think every entrepreneur has to work through. There’s SO much value in Peak along with an amazing, supportive community I could go on and on!

Thank you, Jen You’re awesome!




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The digital product world is full of so many amazing possibilities for so many people! Each one of these products started as an idea, and morphed into something real that can actually help people.

Congrats to each of these Peak students for creating something amazing and proving it’s possible!

To find which digital product might be right for you, read more HERE!

xo Natalie

P.S. To learn more about my Peak Business Academy, click HERE!

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