Every single time that I want to get better at something or I was struggling with something, there’s one pattern that I repeat over and over and over, and that is, finding the person who is the most successful in that area, and I obsessively geek out on their content. On what they’re doing. I try to learn from them. I try to model them. I obsessively focus on the goal.

You can apply this to whatever you’re working on, or whatever your goal is. For example, during college, I needed to come up with money to cover my college tuition. I heard that if you complete in pageants you could win quite a bit of scholarship money. I had no experience at all. So, I went online and I bought the DVDs of every single one of the state contestants that placed the highest in the pageants and I bought the interview DVD as well. I geeked out on these, watched them over and over, I modeled or I tried to model what they were doing. I would film myself for hours and hours on the interview, on standing and on having good posture. I did not end up winning Ms. Idaho, but the knowledge I learned and later applied to different areas of my life and business was the real win.

One year for Christmas, my stepdad got me the Dave Ramsey book, that changed my whole life. I still to this day, live debt free except for my house, which I’m trying to aggressively pay off. But, I used the same tactics I used to prep for the pageant that I later used for Dave Ramsey. We lived in Texas, I could garden year round and I’d go out and put my headphones on and listen to Dave Ramsey’s podcast for hours. I obsessed over his content so much I probably could have taught financial peace university, and it wasn’t even like it got to a certain point where I understood the content really well, but it was just a matter of surrounding myself with the people who had similar goals as me and listening to Dave’s voice every single day to keep me on track and to keep me motivated. And guess what? We used his program to pay off 100% of our student loan debt.

Fast forward a couple more years and I was involved in Scentsy, which is a direct sales company and I didn’t have any sales experience so I obsessively watched every single training that any leader has ever put out on recruiting and building a team. And that’s what I did. I obsessed over everything that was possible out there that could help me grow my business, and in the end, I had done so well I was able to sell my downline.

Often times you’ll hear me joke about how I “accidentally fell into the fitness industry”. To be fair, I did Jamie Eason’s 12-week live fit program, and I loved it. I geeked out. I started a Facebook group that Jamie filled with thousands of people. I obsessed over learning everything there was to learn about lifting weights, eating clean and making healthy recipes. I just geeked out and I had so much fun with it.

This is the part of what gets me excited and gets me inspired and motivated. I dive in head deep and I just want to learn everything I can. I got certified as a trainer, but I think that’s the reason why I was able to grow my fitness brand so much. I remember looking at Jamie and thinking what is it about her that attracts people to her that the way she communicates as the way she talks? From there I started to test some of these things out and eventually found what worked for me.

You can apply these to whatever your goal is, right? Find somebody who’s doing a really good job in the space you’re interested in and figure out what you can do to model them. Now, the number one thing you have to do is you have to be willing to drop your ego though, right? You have to be willing to say, I’m not the best in this area. And even be willing to say just because I’ve had success in the past does not guarantee that I’m going to have success in the future. So for me, what that means is, I only pick one or two people that I want to model. And then I model, model, model. I’ll even write it out on my whiteboards or in my notebooks or on my computer like I’ll take notes like crazy. You have to get started somewhere and you’re not necessarily going to be perfect when you get started, but that’s part of the process, is accepting that.

I’m going to challenge you guys to go do it right now. Honestly, all that matters is actually having the courage to go and do it. It doesn’t even matter if you succeed because the success comes from the practice of trying.  Eventually, you’ll figure it out. You’ll become resilient and you’ll figure out a way to become successful. Have you heard the saying, “when is the best time to plant a tree?” Well, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time to plant a tree is right now, so get going. I challenge you. I want to hear from you, tag me in your guys’ posts on Facebook, Instagram, and let me know who you’re obsessing over, who you’re modeling.

Xo- Natalie