Have you all heard about the 3-hour diet!? If you have trouble with minimizing your food intake while on a diet, this may be the better choice for you! There are a few rules to this diet, which comes from Jorge Cruise, a fitness expert:

  • Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up
  • Eat every three hours after that
  • Stop eating three hours before you go to bed

While this seems like the opposite of a diet, you do have to stick to portion sizes in order to see benefits. You don’t have to cut any foods out of your diet, but you do have to stick to portions. Your meal portions should be small and your snacks should be about 100 calories. You are also allowed dessert on this diets, which should only be about 50 calories. It is important that you stick to the portion sizing if you want this diet to work!

Make it a goal to eat a meal every three hours each day. If you aren’t able to prep your food over the weekend, it’s still better to have a protein shake than nothing at all.

Set the alarm on your phone to go off every three hours if you need to. By eating regularly throughout the day, your body will begin to trust that it is going to get fed at consistent times, your metabolism will increase, and you will start burning fat so much faster!

Keep In Mind

I know that this may seem like the dream diet! You get to eat whatever you want and throughout the entire day. Amazing, right!? And it can help you lose weight! What’s not to love? But you have to follow this diet closely. You have to truly watch your portion sizes and calories, which is why meal prepping is a great way to complete this diet.

If you have trouble with self-control when it comes to eating, you may want to try managing that before you start this 3-hour diet! I know it can be hard to control yourself sometimes, but it can be simple to train yourself to get better at self-control!

Here are some tips I have heard of that can help you control your eating:

  • Keep count: If you have a snack that you love, take a look at the serving size and how many calories each serving is. Count out the serving size and put the container away! Slowly enjoy your snack and don’t go back for seconds!
  • Pack portion sizes: If you pack snacks in your lunch before heading to work, be sure you use the method above and pack each snack in Tupperware are rather than bringing full packages of snacks to work. When you know that your file cabinet is full of snacks, you will be more tempted to munch.
  • Stay busy: Being bored is one of the main reasons that people snack. Staying busy or doing something that takes up all of your attention is a great way to avoid the bored-eating habits. If you are bored and start heading for the pantry, think to yourself “Am I hungry or just bored?” If you are just bored, back away from the pantry!
  • Cope in other ways: A lot of people eat if they are stressed, upset, or need comforting (hello, comfort food!). But this is not going to make us feel better, trust me! Instead of grabbing the Nutella and pretzels after a stressful day at the office, try going for a walk to clear your head, doing some yoga, or reading a book! You may even consider pampering yourself and taking a nice hot bath!
  • Eat with your opposite hand: If you have a problem eating your meals quickly, try switching your utensil to your less dominant hand. I know, this seems like it wouldn’t work, but your less dominant hand is not used to mindlessly shoveling food into your mouth! So, you will eat slower, which will make you feel full faster! You can also try putting your utensil down between each bite.
  • Don’t go back for seconds: I know how tempting it can be to go back for seconds, but this is what will get you if you are doing the 3-hour diet! Instead, sit at the table for a while and drink some water, you may be full and not even realize it!

These are a few tips to help you better control your eating! I know that sometimes you lose yourself in a bag of chips and feel ashamed afterwards, we have all been there! But with these tips and the 3-hour diet, you can better control your eating, eat all day, and lose weight!

Every day you begin with the decision to try is another day you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals. I believe in you guys!!