Natalie’s Notes: Eat a Meal Every Three Hours

natalies notes

Make it a goal to eat a meal every three hours today. If you weren't able to prep your food over the weekend, it's still better to have a protein shake than nothing at all.

Set the alarm on your phone to go off every three hours if you need to. By eating regularly throughout the day your body will begin to trust that it is going to get fed at consistent times, your metabolism will increase, and you will start burning fat so much faster!

Every day you begin with the decision to try is another day you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals. I believe in you guys!!



  1. Hey Natalie!
    I have been looking around your website after liking your facebook page a few months ago. Just a quick comment or question on this. I know your due to have a baby any day and have your son as well so if i dont get a response right away i understand. But when you say eat a meal every three hours, I have heard this before but does this mean like a full meal or a small portioned meal (aka snack size) every three hours. I am really trying to be motivated to get healthy and loose some weight and your page has being a great help! thanks 🙂

    • Hey Madison! I eat full meals every three hours. Each meal is about 400-400 calories. I have quite a few examples of my daily meals in the section of the site that says “Sample Meal Plans” under the Healthy Eating tab. I hope that is helpful for you! 🙂 Each meal includes about a fist-sized portion of lean protein, about the same size of complex carb, and most meals have a lot of veggies. This works really well for me and helps me from falling off track when I am constantly filling up on healthy, whole foods 🙂


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