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Being On Stage: How the Things That Went Wrong Taught Me Just as Much as the Things that Went Right

I slept for like an hour and a half, jumped on a plane, got to San Diego, worked on a presentation I was giving for a speaking event, practiced for hours, got myself ready, went down for my mic check… and realized I had my days wrong and I was actually speaking the next day… Good one, Natalie.  I had to laugh. This would only happen to me. There were…Read More

What to Do if You Have a Narcissist in Your Life — Part 1

There was a time a little bit ago where I was dating a guy that… wasn’t so great. I’m not going to share names or get into details, but it wasn’t a great relationship, and it has obviously ended. When I was dating him, and after we broke up, I had a lot of friends explain to me that he wasn’t a great guy and that he was toxic. A…Read More

My 10 Years of Motherhood

I remember when they put my very first 10 pound, 22 inch baby on my chest after 36 hours of labor. My little (not so little?) boy was amazing, and I felt so connected to my body and my son despite being so exhausted. Despite delivering 12 days past my due date, having no pain management, and almost two hours of active pushing, I have really positive memories of my…Read More

How Do You Make Such Good Girlfriends?

I know what it’s like to be the “new girl in school” because I was that girl a lot growing up. For those who know me, or have followed me for a long time, you know my childhood was kinda crazy. For example, I used to live in New Jersey as a kid, and in the middle of the night one night, we packed everything in our minivan and drove…Read More

How Follow-Through Can Help Shift Your Mindset

I don’t know what’s harder, never setting a goal and trying to be better, or constantly setting goals and never following through with them. I’ve been in each situation many times, and both were a hit on my psyche, my self-worth, and my happiness. Once I started doing something about my inability to grow as a person, I began to understand why I fell into that cycle in the first…Read More