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All the Ways that I Felt Thankful This Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, I went out to my step-dad’s house and caught some fish. We gave him some gifts, spent time together, and enjoyed a nice day in the Idaho summer. However, I also called my real dad and said happy Father’s Day, and I helped my kids pick out a gift to give to their dad. This holiday can be hard for a lot of people, so this year…Read More

Identity, Nutrition, and How to Stop Always Wanting to “Lose Those Last Five Pounds”

One of the things common things I hear from the people I work with, my girlfriends, and just people in general is, “I would be happy with myself if I could just lose these last five pounds or 10 pounds or 15 pounds.” It’s so rare that I hear somebody who says, “I’m actually really comfortable with where I’m at right now.” Because this is something that is so common,…Read More

What My 21-Day Challenge Means to Me

I pride myself on my ability to overcome, to teach myself things, and to find another door when one seems to be locked. There was a time in my life where giving up was easier than following through with things, but I started to make changes so that I stopped flaking out on promises to myself. Through years of trial and error, learning from others, and picking myself up when…Read More

Recognizing and Coping with Burnout

I was recently in New York and it was absolutely amazing! I was there for a work event, but we also got to take time and experience the city. We bought tickets to see a play called The Book of Mormon. I spent a lot of money to see it, and was so excited to laugh! But, I fell asleep. I have no idea how it was, and I’m pretty…Read More

Confession: I Failed at #75 Hard

Back in March, I started doing the 75Hard challenge by Andy Frisella. I jumped in and was super pumped to try it! Then, I failed. I’ll talk about why I tried this challenge, why I failed, what I learned, why it’s important to love myself, and how you can modify 75 Hard to be more realistic. It all started while having dinner with the team, and they encouraged me to…Read More