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My Favorite Natural Hot Springs Locations Near Boise

I love taking my kids on outdoor adventures so that they learn to love the outdoors as much as I do! This weekend, we spent the day doing one of my favorite things in Idaho: We went to a natural outdoor hot springs! Idaho is home to more natural hot springs than any other state in the lower 48! I consider myself to be so lucky to live where I…Read More

The Power of a Podcast

I’ve done episodes on my podcast, Pulling Back the Curtain, in between dropping my kids off and picking them up from school, I’ve done some with friends, and some with others in my industry. I’ve cried, laughed, drank glasses of wine, and discovered things I don’t think I would have otherwise. It’s been great talking about things others may not be talking about, and pulling back the curtain to reveal…Read More

Vulnerability Hangover

Earlier this year I did a podcast episode where I talked about my mom. (Read the blog post HERE, or listen to the podcast episode HERE.) Basically, I talked about how she went to prison for the first time when I was in 7th grade, and how she went back again when I was older because she had basically written bad checks in my name. That was really hard to…Read More

Practicing Thankful Self-Care this November

The holiday season is upon us, and that often means being in the thick of a lot the busy season as well! Holidays, family time, shopping, finances, school breaks, events, work obligations, and travel tend to make this time of year more hectic than most.  I don’t know about you, but being busy makes it hard for me to slow down, be thankful, and to take care of myself. Which…Read More

What I Learned in My Second 21-Day Challenge!

For the last 21 days, when I got ready to do a live video for my 21-Day Challenge, I almost never did my hair or did my best on my makeup. I spent hours preparing for what I was going to teach that day, and at the end of it I wasn’t interested in taking extra time for hair and makeup. Sometimes I literally did my teach via live video…Read More