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Sex After Divorce

When I got divorced, my new normal was difficult to navigate. I had been with the same person since I was in my late teens. Not only was I dealing with the emotional turmoil of my divorce, I ran into a whole host of other problems I didn’t anticipate. One of them was how to navigate sex after getting divorced. I felt like a little kid again, afraid to talk…Read More

Practicing Self-Care This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is usually a day where you get pampered by your children or your spouse. Phoenix and Lincoln usually bring me the crafts they created at school, but this holiday takes on a whole new meaning for me as a single mom. For this reason, I’ve discovered that it’s important to practice self-care on Mother’s Day. Getting gifts and extra loves is great, but it’s also a great reminder…Read More

The Reality of Motherhood: Sometimes it Sucks

The other day, I screamed at my kids. I told them I was going to take the TV and throw it over the fence and into the road so we wouldn’t have a TV anymore. I yelled at them and told them I wasn’t their maid, and they had responsibilities too. As a family, all of us melted down. It was just one example of one moment in one day…Read More

How To NOT BE AFRAID To Go Solo Backpacking

The other day I posed on Instagram and Facebook that I stumbled across a waterfall when I got lost on one of my outdoor adventures. I was bushwhacking through thistle and sliding through moss, and at the end I stumbled across a beautiful waterfall. It was just the gentle reminded I needed that sometimes you get off your original path, and it can end up being one of the most…Read More

What to Know About Human Sex Trafficking and Why it’s Important to Me

The other day I posted an Instagram story about human sex trafficking, and I got a lot of questions from my followers about it. So, I decided to make a blog post about this issue and why it’s important to me. My mentor, Russell Brunson, was ultimately the first person who told me about children being sold into sex trafficking. He has a lot more to do with being involved…Read More