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If You Feel Stuck, You May Have to Dig a Little Deeper…

I’ve had to talk myself out of some pretty serious negative self-talk before. Where I’ve told myself the absolute worst things, and then had to remind myself that I am worthy and loved and that I should show myself grace. Believe it or not, saying those harmful things to yourself can do some real damage to your ability to move forward.  Have you ever felt completely broken down by your…Read More

Listening, Learning, and Being Willing to Say the Wrong Thing

Last week I came home from a weekend camping trip that left me feeling amazing. We unplugged, had zero cell service, and took time to get back to a few of the things I love most: family and nature. Little did I know, the real world was feeling less than amazing — to put it lightly. I came home and posted all of my photos from the weekend. I smiled…Read More

How to Talk Yourself Through Impostor Syndrome

It always creeps in when I least expect it. One day I’m doing fine, pushing through work and being a mom, and then BOOM… I get that feeling. That I have no idea what I’m doing, and someday everyone is going to figure me out. That is impostor syndrome. Sometimes I get that feeling when it comes to motherhood, other times it’s in my personal relationships, and often it’s about…Read More

When Did We Forget That We Could Be Whatever We Wanted to Be?

As a kid I remember being told I could be whatever I wanted to be. A teacher, an astronaut, a painter, a vet, etc. We still tell our kids they can do and be whatever they want. We encourage them to try, to work hard, to find their passions, and to learn. At some point, we stopped taking our own advice. It almost feels like once you’re an adult, you…Read More

Why We Should All be Failing More

I remember laying on my back on the ground in the wilderness with blood coming out of my head while I laughed at myself. It was pitch black, I was all alone, and I had just smacked myself in the head with a rock while trying to hang my food in a tree on my first ever solo backpacking trip. The amount of things that went wrong on that trip…Read More