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Teaching Kids About Consent, Assault, and Bullying

Some of you may have seen that my little girl, Phoenix, recently had an issue with consent, assault, and bullying at her school. I don’t want to get into too many details of the actual situation, but I think what happened warrants a discussion and a conversation among all parents and how these situations are handled. It honestly shook me to my core, left me feeling helpless, and made me…Read More

When You Just Want to Quit Everything

Goals are hard, and it can be tempting not to just throw in the towel when you don’t know where to start, you don’t see the right results, or you start to get lost in the process. I want to fill you in on one of the projects I had been working on that made me want to just quit, and my entire process for how do I get the…Read More

It’s Not Just Hair, it’s What it Represents

I finally did it, I cut off all my hair! I said I was going to do it earlier in the summer but I chickened out. Finally, I did it! This might sound silly to some people. I mean, it’s just hair, right? To an extent, yeah, it’s just hair. On the other hand, it represents a whole lot more. It’s also about insecurity, bravery, taking a risk, and keeping…Read More

Sometimes You Just Need to Feel Seen

This weekend I hosted my very first wilderness retreat in the mountains of Idaho! One of my dreams came true! I think all of us shed a bit of a tear at some point when we all went around and said what we wanted to get out of the retreat. As a group, we sat around for a quick introduction, and each of our stories resonated with each one of…Read More

Why You Should Embrace Your Weird Side

This is kind of an odd topic, but it’s a topic that centers around being authentic, confident, and vulnerable. I may (or may not?) seem somewhat put together. I’m a mom and a business owner. My home is usually pretty clean, and my bills are always paid. I try to maintain a relatively normal life, but inside I’m just a big dork. I like to be silly and poke fun…Read More